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Ashford's shared space - your verdict!

Ashford's shared space scheme
Ashford's shared space scheme

The shared space sheme in Ashford is steeped in

Originally promoted by Hans Monderman and first used in Holland,
the concept has eliminated road furniture such as kerbs and
crossings in an effort to allow pedestrians and cyclists the same
rights of way.

The theory is traffic is slowed down to create a safer

Kent County Council and Ashford Borough Council have spent
£15million on the scheme and employed artists to make the streets
look 'vibrant and attractive'.

A further £15,000 was spent producing a DVD to inform
people of how to use the system.

Sorry, this video asset has been removed.

The speed limit is set at 20 mph, which local authorities may
extend to all residential roads. Though with an average speed
recorded at over 25 mph, the message may be failing to get

• Reporter Alex Fisk visited Elwick Road to gauge views on
the scheme - watch his video above.

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