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European elections 2019: Live updates on Kent result

The Brexit Party has scored a clean sweep in the European Election across Kent and Medway.

Nigel Farage's party took first place in all council areas, with the Liberal Democrats coming second in most.

The final tally saw the Brexit Party in the South East region take four seats; the Liberal Democrats 3 seats and one each for Labour, the Conservatives and the Green Party.

The results meant it was not a complete European wipe-out for the Conservatives, while Labour will be relieved that it clung on to its one seat.

Follow our live blog to see how the results came in and for reaction today - refresh for updates.


Former Maidstone MP Ann Widdecombe, who was elected as an MEP for the South West, has had her say on the election results.


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Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who was reelected as a South East MEP, described the result as "a wake up call for Westminster".

He added the reason the party had topped the polls was “very obvious”.

“We voted to leave in a referendum and we voted to do so on March 29th and we haven’t,” he said.

“The Labour and Conservative parties can learn a big lesson from tonight but I don’t suppose that they actually will.”


The Brexit Party got a 36.07% share of the votes, compared to the Lib Dems' 25.75%. The Greens came third.

Turnout in the South East was 39.36%.

The Greens achieved a 13.52% share, with the Conservatives and Labour polling 10.25% and 7.27% respectively.


The results for the South East are in. The Brexit Party gained four seats, the Lib Dems 3; Conservatives 1; Green 1 and Labour 1.


The candidates have been summoned by the Returning Officer which usually means we are getting near to a result.


That makes it a clean sweep for the Brexit Party across Kent and Medway. Stay with us for reaction and the overall result for the South East region.


Brexit Party first in Sevenoaks with 14,534; Lib Dems second with 9,135; Conservatives third on 4,315.


Another first place for the Brexit Party in Canterbury with 16,695 votes. Lib Dems second with 11,674, Greens come in third.

The Canterbury result (11201031)
The Canterbury result (11201031)


First place for the Brexit Party in Dartford too. They took 11,592 votes. Lib Dems were in second place on 3,403, Labour third on 3,247.


The Conservatives are pushed into third place in Maidstone. The Brexit Party were first with 20,475 votes; Lib Dems second on 9,454, Conservatives third 4,697.


The results are in for Tonbridge and Malling, with the Conservatives and Labour suffering badly. . Brexit Party in first place with 15,713; Lib Dems second on8,264,Green Party third at 4,810.


More than 17,000 votes for the Brexit Party in Thanet.

The results from Thanet (11200245)
The results from Thanet (11200245)


A huge majority for the Brexit Party in Medway.

The results from Medway (11200094)
The results from Medway (11200094)


The Lib Dems ran the Brexit Party very close in Tunbridge Wells.

The Tunbridge Wells result (11199864)
The Tunbridge Wells result (11199864)


Another big majority for Brexit Party in Swale with 17,451 votes.Lib Dems second, Labour fourth.

The results from Swale (11199124)
The results from Swale (11199124)

Big win for Brexit Party in Ashford with a stonking 15741 votes; Conservatives at 3,436; Lib Dems 6,558; Labour at 2,144.


A clear win for the Brexit party in Folkestone and Hythe, polling 15,674 votes. Labour pushed into third place by the Lib Dems.

The results from Folkestone (11199514)
The results from Folkestone (11199514)


Big rumour that Nigel Farage is minutes away from arriving...but that has just changed to 45 minutes..

Here's me and @KMTVHarry chatting about the possible outcomes of tonight's results:


Labour MEP John Howarth is said to be rather pessimistic about his prospects - and has said that the party campaign was poor (that's polite version). There's something of a valedictory tone to his pinned tweet:


Anyone who doubts the impact of climate change hasn't experienced the media gallery at the county in Southampton...


The Conservative MEP Dan Hannan is pretty gloomy to say the least:


Lots of suggestions before the poll that turnout would be low and lower than 2014. Not so in the South East region where it has nudged 40% - three points higher. Tunbridge Wells takes the honours for the highest turnout in Kent - read more here


For what it's worth, I'm expecting the Brexit Party to win this election pretty decisively in the South East - of the 10 seats up for grabs, I'd bank on them getting five - six is a little too much to ask - with the Conservatives going into meltdown and maybe ending up with a big fat zero. The Lib Dems might do well.

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