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Campaigner calls for electric bikes charger across Canterbury

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by Katie Lamborn and Ruth Banks

Kent's top electric bike retailer is calling on Canterbury
council to put in recharge points around the city.

"Canterbury is a prime example where you've got a medieval
city with 2010 traffic problems," said Terry John who's director of
Lean Machines in Canterbury.

He believes electric bikes and scooters would solve

"With the issues that we are facing now in terms of
congestion, air quality issues, and people wanting to cut their
transport costs, it is a real viable alternative."

Bluewater is set to install recharge points and
Bromley and Lakeside already have them.

Canterbury City Council has invited Mr John to forthcoming
transport meetings to investigate the idea.

The bikes Mr John sells are limited to a range of around
80 miles between charges and, depending on models, costs between
£1,000 and £6,000.

So, what does the public make of them?

"I love it. It is like a car, but easier, but I would not
buy it as I could get a car for cheaper and I would be dry," was
the initial reaction from 22-year-old English student Kiri

Law student Leon Lynch, 21, was torn:

"I think the concept of an electric bike is really cool;
if you feel tired then you can just switch to electric. But I also
think that in a society where obesity is at an all time high, this
isn’t really helping the situation.

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