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CCTV parking patrol nab broken down car

Heartless - that’s how a mobile CCTV operator has been described by a motorist punished after his car broke down in a bus stop.

Daniel Perfect, 39, was travelling along Frindsbury Hill towards Wainscott at about 1pm on Saturday when his car engine cut out just before the speed camera.

Coasting along the road he decided the safest place to rest the car was at a bus stop just yards from the Sans Pareil pub.

He put on his hazard lights and took his RAC card out of his wallet but as he looked up he noticed in the rear view mirror that the Smart car - which targets drivers breaking parking regulations, had pulled up behind him.

He is now expecting a £70 parking fine through the post.

Daniel, from Gillingham, said: “I got out the car with my mobile and RAC card in my hand and went up to the car.

“I asked the man if he had just issued me with a ticket for stopping in the bus stop to which he said ‘yes.’

“I told him my car had broken down and I had just been to see my brother to make arrangements for our mum’s funeral as she died a few days ago and that I didn’t need this right now. But he just replied ‘it’s not my problem.’

“He was heartless. I know I shouldn’t have but I was so upset I told him if he didn’t go away I would rip the camera off the top of the car. He just sped off in the direction of Medway City Estate.

“All these people seem to be interested in is click, click, click and making money out of you.

“Would the RAC van have been booked too when he arrived to rescue me?”

Daniel has a receipt from RAC to prove the car had broken down.

A spokesman for Medway Council said: “To ensure a fair and consistent service all civil enforcement officers on foot patrol or in the mobile CCTV car are instructed to issue any vehicle parked in contravention with a penalty charge notice.

“We would advise motorists with any mitigating circumstances to take advantage of our appeals process where individual circumstances will be taken into account.

“All parking service departments are under regular scrutiny from internal and external bodies to minimise allegations of corruption.”

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