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Disabled mother begs for move after drug raid

Kelly Collins had her home raided by police
Kelly Collins had her home raided by police

POLICE kicked down a single mother’s front door to search what they thought was the home of a suspected drug dealer.

If anyone had been at the property in Kennington, Ashford, police would have come face to face, not with criminals but with a terrified disabled single mother and her baby.

The raid was on Wednesday but the man they arrested had been re-housed by Ashford council two months ago. He gave them his old address.

Police have issued a full apology to the woman for their mistake.

She now wants to be moved before anything happens to her child.

Kelly Collins, who lives at the property with her seven-month-old daughter Jodie, says drug addicts call at her home in Goteley Mere on a daily basis.

She said: "They tap on my door and window day and night looking for drugs. The police kicking the door in was the last straw.

“Thank God we were out – I would have been terrified. This is no place to bring up a baby.

"I have asked the council to move me and they say I have had my review and that’s all they can do. I have to stay put."

Kelly, 28, is registered disabled after a motorcycle accident several years ago and lives on benefit.

Ashford council says it will ensure the correct details are now passed on to police.

Police spokeswoman Rosy Alexander said: "A man was arrested in Canterbury and gave the Goteley Mere address to police. The property was searched on a section 18 warrant.

"If Miss Collins had been at home at the time entry would not have been forced. She has accepted our apologies."

Ashford council spokesman Caroline Owen said: "Miss Collins has contacted us and has been asked to detail all the incidents that have occurred so we can work with other agencies, such as the police, on how best to resolve the situation and prevent incidents occurring at these premises in the future."

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