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Dog hurt in firework panic attack

APPEAL: Peter and Pat Hood with Barnie. Picture: MATTHEW WALKER
APPEAL: Peter and Pat Hood with Barnie. Picture: MATTHEW WALKER

A TERRIFIED dog underwent emergency treatment after a firework sent him into a panic.

Loveable pet Barnie dislocated his hip after running around his back garden in a frenzy when a whistling firework exploded just above him.

Vets have warned his owners that if he dislocates his hip again, he will have to have a major operation which could leave him with a permanent limp.

Pet lovers Pat and Peter Hood, of King George Road, Walderslade, Chatham, are distraught by what has happened and have appealed to the community to curb the amount of fireworks they let of in the neighbourhood.

Mrs Hood said: "Barnie will never be quite the same dog. He was such a friendly, happy-go-lucky animal. The explosion really frightened him and he was in such agony when it happened."

Barnie's hip was put back into place under anaesthetic but popped back out again when he lost his footing. He had to return to the vets and have the whole procedure done again.

Mrs Hood, 56, added: "Over the past couple of weeks Barnie has had to be watched constantly and has spent most of his time in a cage as the vet said that would be the best thing to do."

The couple say they are no killjoys and love to see fireworks but are urging people to think twice about letting them off in built-up residential areas.

Mrs Hood said: "It would be better if fireworks were let off at organised events and not continually a month or so before bonfire night. The whole episode has upset us tremendously and Barnie has suffered the most."

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