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Feathers fly as cockerel gets death threats

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Barak the cockerel gets
death threats

by Anna White


A cockerel is under pressure to keep its beak shut - after
getting death threats!

Feathered pet Barak is kept in a garage overnight to avoid
waking neighbours with its early morning crow.

But someone in the community has had their feathers ruffled.

Barak's owner John Everett, of Longham Copse, Downswood, has had
three letters complaining about Barak and two newspaper cuttings
about chicken-related disputes.

Mr Everett also has another cockerel, Barry, which doesn't crow,
and three Bantam chickens.

Barak, the chicken getting death threats
Barak, the chicken getting death threats

The first letter was sent to Mr Everett's home,
which he shares with partner Diane Thompson, 56, in May. The most
recent arrived last week.

One of the cuttings he has received is a story about threats to
kill a chicken elsewhere.

The undated letters are sent by post and signed from Downswood
residents, without contact details.

The person behind the letters claims they live half a mile

Mr Everett, 57, a signalman at Network Rail, said: "It's just
ridiculous someone would send anonymous threats about a

"It's a big worry as well. It's not exactly nice to have someone
threaten to kill your pet."

In one letter, the writer said they have collected nearly 300
signatures in protest of the bird, but neighbours said they haven't
heard any crowing or news of a petition.

Maidstone council has written to Mr Everett to confirm a
complaint has been made and the complainant has been sent a sound
recording sheet to log when they hear the cockerel crow.

The form will need to be returned to the council and if officers
believe there is an issue, a noise monitoring test could be carried

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