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'Feral' Whitney Williams bullied after robbing autistic child

Whitney Williams, 18, from Folkestone, has been locked up for two years for robbing an autistic child.
Whitney Williams, 18, from Folkestone, has been locked up for two years for robbing an autistic child.

Teen tearaway Whitney Williams led a gang of four robbing a vulnerable autistic child... and then whinged to a judge: “Now I am being bullied behind bars!”

The feral 18-year-old had spent 97 days on remand awaiting sentence for her third robbery – the latest victim a 12-year-old boy.

But as his parents watched from the public gallery at Canterbury Crown Court, her barrister Paul Hogben described the nasty attack just “a case of school playground bullying”.

The lawyer told how she was now the youngest on her wing in the remand centre “where the tables have been turned and there has been a great deal of bullying... and she is at the bottom of the bullying pyramid!”

And as he told of her sad life – the family stormed out of the court shouting: “Now you know what it feels like!”

Williams, of Queen Street, Folkestone was sent to a young offenders’ institute for two years for the attack on the boy after admitting robbery.

Prosecutor Donna East told how the boy had been playing with friends in Pencester Park, Dover in August last year.

Williams and three others arrived and tried to take a scooter from one of the boys pushing him over a wall before smashing a bottle on the floor.

The victim then fled to the Discovery Centre in the town but were followed by the gang.

She said: “He tried to hide and was scared and worried that he was going to be robbed. He and a friend ran into a toilet and locked themselves inside but two members of the gang began kicking at the door.”

Mrs East said Williams then grabbed the boy by his shoulders and “bundled him to the ground” where he was jumped on by one of the gang.

As the frightened youngster lay on the floor, the robbers rifled his rucksack which contained his £200 Blackberry mobile phone and money.

What do you think? Join the debate by adding your comments below
What do you think? Join the debate by adding your comments below

The prosecutor said Williams then helped the youngster to his feet saying:”Only joking..” before walking away.

“He was clearly in a very distressed state when he went home and told his parents. The phone was never recovered,” the prosecutor added.

The court heard that the attack “badly affected the victim” and he is now frightened to go out.

Charges against Williams’ boyfriend, Harry Tate were dropped and two other boys, aged 11-13, were given reprimands.

Williams, who had previous convictions for similar style robberies, was pregnant at the time of the attack and was on bail for another robbery.

The defence barrister said: “This was older children bullying younger children. The victim was picked on by a group. There is clearly a pattern of offending which is in danger of becoming entrenched.

“This young lady gave birth to her first child in February and has had to fend for herself since she was 15. The time she has spent with her son is not measured in days but hours, because it was taken from her.

“She comes from a family that has shown her no love, no care and no leadership.

“Her father is in custody and I think practically every member of her family has been to prison.

"The Williams family are renowned for all the wrong reasons in the Folkestone and Dover areas and she knows she can use that fear that’s already in place whenever she likes to bully others.

“Williams herself lives in squalid conditions, going from one bed and breakfast to another and her only friends are those who are committing offences.

"She has never had a sensible adult who has shown her any care and guidance and her boyfriend is violent.”

Judge Michael O’Sullivan said Williams was “clearly out of control” and carried out “an unpleasant robbery on a vulnerable boy.”

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