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Gilroy's golden handshake attracts outrage

Peter Gilroy, Kent County Council chief executive
Peter Gilroy, Kent County Council chief executive

by Katie Lamborn

“Outrageous, unjustifiable….”

Just some of your comments after the KM Group revealed Kent County Council chief executive Peter Gilroy is in line for a £200,000 golden handshake when he leaves later this year.

The decision to pay the taxable lump sum was part of an agreement to extend his contract by a further year to May 2010.

While county luminaries such as Chief Constable Mike Fuller have leapt to his defence, others have not been so kind.

“As a KCC employee I am so angry about this,” wrote hn.

“No wonder the morale of most front line staff is so low. I wonder why the council couldn’t afford a pay rise for us this year?”

Another KCC staff member added: “Just what we need to hear with re-organisation hanging over our heads… Nice to know his payoff is not included in all the millions to be saved by KCC in the next three years.”

Many now question Cllr Paul Carter’s judgement.

“I can see no reason why a one year’s extension to a contract needs any extra payment,” wrote Dave from Tonbridge.

He added: “At worst Mr Gilroy would have just left. There are plenty of people that can do the job for a lot less. Once again, Cllr Carter is throwing our money down the drain.”

Some are calling for the KCC Leader to step down.

Jon simply puts it: “ Cllr Carter and his entire Cabinet must resign now. It is the only decent thing they could do.”

JT adds: “Anyone else would get four weeks' notice, a P45 and a trip to the dole queue."

But others are hoping that Carter’s time will come at the next election.

“I can't wait for my ballot paper,” comments JC.

He wrote: “Vote him, and all of his chums, off this council which is nothing more than a convenient pay deal for those at the top.”

“I sincerely hope the incumbents are severely trounced in the next election,” added Blanche deVere.

“Such an experience will maybe imbue them with a modicum of humility and a healthy dose of respect for the electorate.”

“KCC is one of the worst local authorities I have ever seen: £50 million gambled away in Iceland , officially some of the country's worst schools, appalling roads,” writes Angry of Tunbridge Wells.

“More fool the people of Kent who voted for such disgraceful people. Ugh, ugh, ugh.”

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