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Rainham School for Girls pupil Nicole Taaffe claims bet after not drinking alcohol

Many of us will remember our first pint or glass of wine, but for Nicole Taaffe, her first drink will be one she'll never forget.

Turning 18 yesterday, she was offered a wager from her uncle Myles 10 years ago - if she didn't drink alcohol before the legal age, he would give her £50.

Celebrating her 18th birthday last night at Brettington's Steak and Lobster House in Rochester High Street, she not only enjoyed her first cocktail, but was also handed over a grand from her uncle and dad.

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Nicole enjoys her first taste of a cocktail
Nicole enjoys her first taste of a cocktail

Over the years, the prize has gone up to £500, with her dad Spencer matching the cash if she still stuck to the promise.

KMTV was there to celebrate the moment she took a sip from her first drink.

Talking about her experience of avoiding underage drinking, the Rainham School for Girls pupil said: "It feels normal, I don't know what it's like to be drunk.

VIDEO: See how Nicole takes to drinking alcohol

"I'm worried what I'm going to be like as a drunk person. I do want to do it but I'm a bit scared about it!

"It's been worth it. I am probably going to spend the money on a holiday, and I might have to save some of it for uni next year."

Nicole with her dad Spencer (left) and uncle Myles (right)
Nicole with her dad Spencer (left) and uncle Myles (right)

As her first drink, she chose a passionfruit, mango and rum cocktail. Though she said there was an aftertaste, she generally enjoyed it.

Nicole also had a taste of her uncle's beer - it's probably safe to say she won't be going near that again for some time!

Her uncle Myles, who started the bet, said: "I think she kept increasing the money, not me!

"Ten years later here we are, she's not had a drink so I've got to pay up. At first I didn't think she would stick to it.

Nicole with her family on her 18th birthday
Nicole with her family on her 18th birthday

"After a few years I realised how seriously she was taking it because every christmas and family event I would try to get her to have mine or her dads beer but she would never drink it, so then I started to save!

"It's a lot of money. This time last year she sent me a message saying one year to go, and I thought I really need to start putting my hand in my pocket.

"I knew I had to start saving for it."

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