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Gobstopper poster goes on display in Dover

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Video: make up your own
mind about the latest 'image of Dover'

The latest image to go on display in Dover town centre from a
series of art commissions is proving just a little

An organisation called Dover Arts Development has commissioned a
number of artists to provide images of the town which are then
turned into posters and displayed on signboards around the town

At first glance, the latest poster appears to be blank. But on
closer inspection, people notice a small sphere about two thirds of
the way down.

It has been produced by Turkish artist Ebru Ozsecen, and she has
now revealed exactly what it is - a gobstopper, or, as she calls
it, a jawbreaker.

During spring last year she was producing new work in the Dover
area when she encountered a young woman sucking a gobstopper for
the first time.

Intrigued by this object, she decided to research the
gobstopper’s origins and production, and then chose it for her
poster design.

She says her work often addresses subtle issues of sexuality and
this single jawbreaker’s positioning at mouth level clearly sends
out messages of seduction.

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