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Have you seen our boa constrictor?

A boa constrictor
A boa constrictor

A six-foot snake is on the loose after escaping from its home on St Mary’s Island in Chatham Maritime.

The brown and black boa constrictor was went missing late on Sunday night from a home Tappen Drive.

The owners reported it missing on Monday afternoon. It is thought the snake may be looking for a warm place to hide as today's temperatures are too cold for the South American reptile.

Police are advising people living in the area to be vigilant and not to approach the snake if they see it, but dial 999.

The snake has been fed within the last few days and boa constrictors can go for six months between meals.

Insp Dave Coleman said: “At the moment we are seeking advise from zoos, particularly how the public should respond to any sightings.

“Keep windows and doors closed, and small animals in the house if possible.

“We have been advised that six foot is not large for a boa constrictor. However, do not touch it or attempt to pick it up by the tail as these snakes do bite.”

“We believe it will be looking for a damp, dark and warm location, and as it had been recently fed it will be fairly lethargic.

“They are also excellent swimmers. If you see the snake, or have suspicions as to where it may be, contact 999.”

Boa constrictors are found in the wild from Mexico to Argentina. They are non-venomous but in the wild they kill their victims, usually small animals, by

squeezing them to death.

The largest specimen ever recorded was 18ft long.

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