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New image for 'Devil Man' Diablo Delenfer

Diablo Delenfer, after getting tattoos on his 'devil' face
Diablo Delenfer, after getting tattoos on his 'devil' face

Devil man Diablo Delenfer has spoken of his torment after he was vilified in the national media for altering his appearance.

The 41-year-old body modification artist from Seasalter first came to notice two years ago when he was exposed as a benefit cheat.

But his bizarre looks and body art soon earned him masses of attention from newspapers and magazines across the country.

Diablo – who comes from Sittingbourne originally and was born Gavin Paslow – says much of the coverage was hugely unfair to him.

“There was an awful lot of media attention which was undeserved and I was made to look like an idiot,” said Diablo, who lives in Cordingham Close.

“I felt I was misrepresented and that caused me and my family a lot of distress.”

Diablo says the thing that most upset him was that some news stories reported that he had committed benefit fraud of £3,500 to pay for his body modifications.

The reality is that he suffered an industrial injury in 2005 while he was working at a furniture delivery company.

He received £33,000 in compensation and spent much of that on adorning himself with his devilish body art rather than the benefits he received.

The father-of-two has numerous tattoos, some dating back 20 years.

Among his most recent additions are 'horns’ on his forehead, which are sub-dermal teflon implants.

He also has a teflon star implanted in his hand, two of his teeth turned into fangs and his tongue forked.

But without doubt the recent facial tattoos are the most evident of his modifications.

His name, meanwhile, officially became Diablo Delenfer – the devil from the inferno – on October 31, 2008.

It was following his 2009 court appearance and subsequent conviction for claiming more than £3,500 in benefits he was not entitled to because he was still working that Diablo came to the attention of the Gazette.

But as soon as he had appeared in this newspaper, he was subject of intense media reporting.

He said: “Yes, I committed a fraud and I was punished, but it has led to nothing but misery and it’s only now that I’m getting my life back in some sort of order and now that I’ll be looking for work.

“I feel I was a victim of the gutter press. I got a lot of requests to do interviews from women’s magazines, but I turned them down.

“This made me feel reclusive and I it made me very depressed. The whole has left a very bad taste and I really feel like I was humiliated internationally.”

Diablo’s modifications have cost more than £1,000. His horns were £200, his forked tongue cost £150 and his fangs were £560 plus he has other piercings and tattoos.

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