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Remembering 1969 and all that

Pupils of St Edward's School, Sheerness
Pupils of St Edward's School, Sheerness

THE year is 1969 and a group of St Edward’s RC School, Sheerness, pose for the camera.

We suppose them to be between six and 10 years old and making a memory for the end of summer term.

And that is as much as we know, as the picture was found during a massive clear-out at the school.

The only information was the year scribbled on the back.

However, we agree with staff that its publication will be a happy step back in time for the “youngsters”, the oldest now nudging their half century.

As our facts concerning the school are limited we can record a few outstanding events of 40 years ago.

In all probability some featured in current affairs lessons and maybe, just maybe, they will be remembered.

Taken at random they include:

High grade crude oil was discovered in the North Sea on the borders of British and Norwegian sectors; NASA selected Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin for the first moon landing and Sir Matt Busby announced his retirement as Manchester United manager.

Yassa Arafat was appointed leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO); Boeing’s 747 airliner, the largest commercial aircraft in the world made its maiden flight, and troubled singer/actress Judy Garland (real name Frances Gumm) was found dead in her flat, aged 47.

Two boys born with deformities caused by the drug thalidomide, taken during their mothers’ pregnancies, won £33,600 damages in the High Court.

Ann Jones was the Wimbledon ladies champion, and Mary Jo Kopechne, 27, a passenger in Senator Edward Kennedy’s car drowned when the car plunged into the water alongside a bridge on Chappaquiddic Island, New England. More than 400,000 revellers attend the Woodstock Festival in the USA, and 150,000 fans cheered Bob Dylan at the “sex, dope and rock ’n’ roll music festival on the Isle of Wight.

The Rolling Stones played to a crowd of 250,000 at a free concert in Hyde Park.

Prince Charles, aged 20, was invested as Prince of Wales at Caernarvon Castle and the seven-sided 50 pence piece came into circulation.

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