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Talking point: Are you guilty under tough new driving laws?

Someone using the phone at the wheel. Picture posed by model.
Someone using the phone at the wheel. Picture posed by model.

We have all done it: lost a moment's concentration as we twiddled with the radio knob while driving.

And can you honestly say you haven't grappled with a map on the steering wheel as you battle to find directions in the back of beyond?

Well, from today, Kent motorists are being urged to keep their eyes firmly planted on the road - as new laws are introduced to crack down on killer drivers.

Drivers who kill while sending a text, eating or even putting on make-up could now be jailed under laws which came into force today.

The laws allow for tougher punishments for drivers who kill through carelessness - even after just a moment's distraction.

Now people can be jailed for up to five years for causing death by careless driving.

Under the old laws, the maximum penalty for these offences was a £5,000 fine and points off the licence.

Courts will have to decide how badly the driver was distracted at the time of the incident.

If a motorist is guilty of a "gross avoidable distraction" the greater charge of causing death by dangerous driving could be invoked, which carries a jail term of between two and 14 years.

So, how guilty are you?

Join our poll, and admit which is your greatest driving vice.

Or if you can't decide, or your list is just too long, confess all in our speakout here.

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