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The Boat That Rocked on its way to Gravesend?

The Ross Revenge, home to Radio Caroline
The Ross Revenge, home to Radio Caroline

by Danny Boyle

It is the boat that rocked when pop music pirates ruled

Britain's airwaves.

Now Radio Caroline - the symbol of rebellion for thousands of

teenagers in the 1960s and the last radio ship in the world - is

set to come chugging to Gravesend.

Both its owners and Gravesham council are now in advanced talks

to secure the converted trawler, the Ross Revenge, a permanent

mooring on the town's riverside.

A scene from the film The Boat That Rocked
A scene from the film The Boat That Rocked

It is hoped the arrival of the infamous pirate station
would bring the borough a much-needed tourism boost.

The station still blasts rock and pop around the world via the
internet and satellite from land-based studios near Rochester.

But the boat itself, Radio Caroline's third and last radio ship,
now only broadcasts about once a month from where she is berthed at
secure Tilbury docks.

Owner Peter Moore, 63, said: "We have a massive tourist
attraction on our hands. But we're in a very secure out-of-the-way
area, so we can't get the public in.

"If we moved to Gravesend, the potential would be massive."

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