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Blue Bell Hill: Halloween mission to find Kent's most notorious ghost

For Halloween reporter Laoise Gallagher was sent on a mission to track down the infamous ghost of Blue Bell Hill.

The notorious spirit has been spotted on several occasions on the main road linking Medway and Maidstone, here's how she got on...

Watch us get completely spooked by the ghost talking to medium Paula Stevens

It all started back in 1965 - or did it? Who is the ghost of Blue Bell Hill, and is she still lurking after all these years?

In November 1965, Suzanne Browne and her two friends tragically died in a car crash on the stretch of the A229.

The 24-year-old was returning from her hen night when her Ford Cortina spun out of control. It collided with a Jaguar heading the other way, instantly killing her friend Judith Lingham.

Ms Browne was due to marry RAF technician Bryan Wetton the following day, but died shortly after the crash.

Front page of the Maidstone Gazette shows the horror crash
Front page of the Maidstone Gazette shows the horror crash

Some reports speak of a woman stepping out in front of cars and hitch-hiking in a white dress at the side of the road.

One man even claims to have picked the girl up, but upon looking in the back seat, she had vanished entirely.

However, critics argue that this tale of Ms Browne haunting Blue Bell Hill is false, as the time frame doesn't align - ghostly sightings have been reported dating back to the 1930s.

To find out more, I became a ghostbuster for the night. With the help of Kent-based medium Paula Stevens, we had the seemingly impossible mission of finding the ghost of Blue Bell Hill.

As the sun set and the bitter wind picked up, we set out on the quiet road with nothing but a torch, a camera, and a fear that this Halloween mission could leave us with nightmares for weeks.

Paula closed her eyes as she sensed a spirit
Paula closed her eyes as she sensed a spirit

As we set off down the country road Paula was chirpy and chatting about life until we got to a certain lay-by - there she stopped and closed her eyes.

She said: "We need to stop here. I feel nauseuous all of a sudden and I've gone cold. I have goosebumps.

"It's a woman, a young woman. I want to say around 18-years-old. There has been trauma here, and she hurt her head. My head hurts.

"I know that she didn't die straight away either. Her trauma was here but she didn't die here - I don't think she died here anyway."

Paula kept her eyes closed as she tried to find a name, but could only find the letter K in relation to the girl she was sensing.

We walked through the picnic area to get closer to the spirit
We walked through the picnic area to get closer to the spirit

She also felt a burning desire to run through to the other side of the fence. She needed to get closer to the spirit to understand more about why it was there.

We walked back up the road and round to the picnic area off the roadside - this was where a little bit more information was able to come through to Paula.

The winter season had stripped the area of it's usual vibrance - instead dying plants and shrubs lined the pathways. The spirit speaking to Paula was giving her the message to run.

She said: "I feel like I need to run straight through, is there a pathway here usually with flowers or bluebells?

"I don't know why I feel like I need to run through there - run away from someone I think, I don't know."

Paula uses energy to feel the spirits around her
Paula uses energy to feel the spirits around her

In the picnic area Paula also revealed that she had a strange gut feeling and felt uncomfortable.

She giggled: "It's not spirit here but residual energy. Without going into too much detail I feel that cars come in here to have lovely dates, lovely times and naughty things.

"Lots of naughty things have happened here. Some happy times definitely, but I also feel some unhappy times. I feel that uncomfortable feeling."

Paula was sure that the energy and spirit she had found in the area was not Suzanne Brown or her friends, as the spirit did not die in a crash.

She also added that she didn't feel any negativity in the area and assured that it all seemed very safe and secure.

Judith Lingham was killed in the crash
Judith Lingham was killed in the crash

However, documentary film-maker Sonya Roseman released a drama entitled 'The Ghost of Blue Bell Hill' in 2014. She believes that the ghost of Suzanne Brown is still in the area.

She said: "Without a doubt, that girl haunts that road. Bryan Wetton stayed at her side for the next 10 days when she was in a coma.

"She was buried in Australia, where she came from. I do believe she is lost."

Sonya also warned of the dangers of investigating the ghost of Blue Bell Hill.

She added: "We all asked for protection every day we filmed. There is more than one ghost or entity up there."

The crash in 1965. Picture: S.B Publications
The crash in 1965. Picture: S.B Publications

Sonya continued: "My flat burnt down as well. It was almost like don't make a film about it. But I did anyway."

She warned that on the date of the crash, November 19, I should partake in a seance to release any spirits attached after our trip.

So, although our mission failed and we didn't find Suzanne Brown, it was definitely a terrifying experience - let's hope the spirits stay on the hill and didn't decide to follow me home.

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