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Tributes to factory worker Dominic Hunt suffocated by his car

Dominic Hunt from Whitstable suffocated to death after his car fell on top of him.
Dominic Hunt from Whitstable suffocated to death after his car fell on top of him.

by Katie Alston


The family of a car enthusiast have described how he died doing what he loved.

Cat food factory worker Dominic Hunt suffocated to death when he was crushed by his Audi A3.

The petrol head was tinkering with his pride and joy in his grandparent's garage, however the jack gave way and trapped him underneath.

The popular 23-year-old was found by his grandfather.

It is not known exactly when Dom, who had a grim reaper tattoo on his shoulder, died or how long he was trapped under the motor.

A former Whitstable Community College pupil, Dom lived for some time with his mum Paula at Iron Wharf, Faversham.

He moved to Lincolnshire last year to live with his grandparents, however came back every few weeks to visit friends and family, including his 21-month-old niece Crystal.

Dom's sister Chrissie, 22, who lives in Collins Road, Greenhill said: "He spoilt her rotten and loved her to pieces. He spent all his money on Crystal and cars.

"Dom was a real practical joker and such a generous person who would do anything for anyone.

"He loved cars and was always taking them apart, experimenting and fixing them. It was his hobby, he loved Hot Rods, banger racing and going to car shows.

"He always stayed with me when he visited, and his hometown was Whitstable where he grew up, so he knew a lot of people from all over.

"We had no idea how popular he was, but have had so many people sending us messages of condolence.

"We had spoken in the past about what we wanted at our funerals and he said he wanted people to wear something colourful, so I'm planning on wearing a tutu and leg warmers."

Party-loving Dom's fascination with cars started before he could walk.

His 41-year-old mum Paula, who is a marine upholsterer said: "It has all come as bit of a shock to us.

"Dominic must have learnt how to change a tyre when he was about three.

"He knew to put it up on axle stands, he did it all the time. But I guess this time he only planned on doing something quickly. He died doing something he loved.

"We want to thank everyone who has sent so many lovely messages. It has been a very difficult time for all of us.

"He was loved by so many people, he was a much loved son, brother, grandson and cousin."

Dom had been planning to change his surname back to Baker to be the same as his motorway worker dad Kerry.

The 43-year-old who lives in Seasalter said: "Dom died peacefully and he wouldn't have felt any pain.

"We have so many happy memories of him."

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