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Wat-er cloud! Funnel-shaped waterspout spotted over Dover

Water spout over Dover
Water spout over Dover

This waterspout was spotted over Dover

by Graham Tutthill

We are used to seeing heavy clouds in Kent, but a photographer
has spotted something more unusual in the skies.

Sean Haughton captured this incredible picture of a waterspout
over Dover yesterday morning.

He took the snap of the weather phenomenon -
a funnel-shaped cloud that occurs over a body of water - near
Langdon Cliffs at about 10.20am.

"I scrambled for my camera and pulled over in a lay-by," said
Sean, who was with his girlfriend Judith Spevock . "Once we had
stopped, we could see the circular motion of the funnel cloud, so
any doubts we’d had were dispelled and we were sure of what we were
dealing with.

"I jumped out and took a few shots. We watched the waterspout
drift across the bay for about five minutes, by which time it had
weakened to the point where the spout was no longer visible
breaking the surface water, to the naked eye at least."

Last month, Stella Shepherd spotted a funnel cloud over Herne Bay
that would have looked more at home in Kansas.

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