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This is where you can get Prime Hydration by KSI and Logan Paul in Kent

Unprecedented demand for a sports drink, created by two YouTube sensations, is leading to customers camping outside supermarkets at sunrise and bottles selling for seven times their value as fans fight over seemingly limited stock.

So what is exactly is Prime, why has it become such a must-have among youngsters and perhaps most importantly - where might you find it in Kent?

Prime, even empty bottles, can sell for more than the recommended retail price
Prime, even empty bottles, can sell for more than the recommended retail price

What is Prime?

Not to be confused with the next-day delivery service from a well-known internet retailer to give the hit sports and energy drink its full name is PRIME Hydration.

Prime's official website describes it as a 'naturally flavoured' beverage containing 10% coconut water, antioxidants and electrolytes. It's also suitable for vegans, is gluten and caffeine free and contains no added sugars.

What does it taste of?

If you're lucky enough to get the choice there are five traditional flavours to pick from: Blue Raspberry, Grape, Orange, Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, Ice Pop, as well as a limited-edition Meta Moon which is proving equally difficult to find.

What's the celebrity connection?

The drink has been created by YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul, who have successfully sent their product viral thanks in part to their millions of social media followers.

British rapper KSI's Instagram following currently tops 12.3 million while his business partner - American personality and professional wrestler Paul - boasts close to 25 million followers on the app alone. They also have more than 70 million YouTube subscribers combined.

Add to that a further 1.2 million people currently tracking the official Prime Hydration Instagram account and that's a huge audience of potential customers just waiting to get their hands on a bottle of drink made by the former boxing rivals.

Empty Prime shelves are a common sight
Empty Prime shelves are a common sight

Why has it become so popular?

Exactly why Prime is so in demand - or what can be done by any company to make a product fly from the shelves like this - is no doubt the multi- million dollar question for all marketing executives who must be watching Prime's success with wide eyes.

But its popularity is no doubt driven by the internet and KSI and Logan Paul's huge online following, the vast majority of which is made up of teenagers and young people with social media accounts of their own, who are desperate to get on board with the latest must-have craze.

And as images and videos of the drink in the hands of celebrities and sports stars have swept the internet - demand for the product has rocketed - only serving to further drive up Prime's rankings in the often somewhat fickle popularity stakes and thus making the drink even harder to get hold of.

Bottles are now trading hands online for far more than the £2 recommended retail price - while one convenience store in Worcester was reportedly found to be selling the drink at £15 a bottle to eager school children who would regularly snake around its block in a queue hoping for a chance to buy.

And it's not just a trade in full bottles of the drink that budding young entrepreneurs are embarking on. Even empty Prime bottles can carry a value - with youngsters refilling them with an alternative cold drink simply to be able to use them in their own social media posts and video clips.

Asda is an official stockist
Asda is an official stockist

So where can you buy it?

You could start online - at Prime's official website. But every 24-pack, in each available flavour, is currently sold out and has been for many months. Arsenal fans also stand a chance of snapping up a bottle at the team's Emirates home ground after lifelong supporter KSI struck up a deal with the Premier League club to sell Prime from inside the stadium on match days.

But it is at supermarket Asda where thirsty shoppers in Kent stand the greatest chance of getting hold of a bottle.

KSI and Logal Paul have an exclusive deal with the supermarket giant - to reflect a similar arrangement they have with its owners Walmart in the US - with Asda selling the drink in both stores and reportedly some petrol stations across the UK.

Here Prime Hydration does cost £2 with the retailer also recently bringing in a rule in many stores that limits shoppers to just three bottles - albeit most customers longing to get their hands on Prime might consider being able to buy just one bottle a success.

Asda is limiting customers to three bottles of Prime in some stores
Asda is limiting customers to three bottles of Prime in some stores

Early-morning visitors to Asda can now often spot streams of willing parents and their offspring heading for Asda's doors - in the hope of being first to the aisle after a restock - while class and school Whatsapp chats are not immune to an alert of rumours the drink is back in a particular branch.

The desire to get a bottle however, didn't end well for one Ashford teenager who was arrested last month for allegedly shoplifting a case of the drink. Police, who recognised the teen in town after viewing CCTV footage from the Asda store, later released the youngster under investigation pending further inquiries.

A case of Prime Hydration was stolen in Ashford. Photo: @KentPoliceAsh.
A case of Prime Hydration was stolen in Ashford. Photo: @KentPoliceAsh.

A recent TikTok clip also went viral in which one young Prime fan claimed to share the key words customers needed to use when asking shop staff if they had the drink in stock out the back or exactly when there might be a scheduled delivery.

But are the celebrity endorsements and seemingly limited stock availability just a brilliant marketing campaign to keep the drink in the forefront of young minds?

In an episode of The Fellas podcast, KSI himself explained why he thinks it so hard to find.

The 29-year-old explained: "It’s always sold out, man. Honestly, people are selling it on the black market.

"The only place you’re meant to get Prime is Asda and Arsenal stadium. But people are getting it at petrol stations.

"Asda employees aren’t even putting it on the shelves anymore.

"They’re like ‘what’s the point, I put it on the shelf, and it’s gone instantly."

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