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Why your next lager could leave you legless

Drink-drive campaign. Library pictures
Drink-drive campaign. Library pictures

Youngsters who drink and drive could be scarred for life by the experience - literally!

The hard-hitting message from police this summer is drink-driving could affect your looks as well as your licence.

Those getting behind the wheel after a pint face permanent disfigurement - scarring, loss of a limb or even life in a wheelchair!

They could also lose their job, police warn as they launch their summer drink-driving campaign today.

Insp Paul Sellwood of the Serious Collision Investigation Unit said: "Appearance and first impressions are particularly important to younger people. Anyone who's impaired by drugs or alcohol risks a serious collision which could leave them or their passengers disfigured.

"This could be in the form of a noticeable scar, possibly on the face if someone goes through the windscreen, with a limp, minus an arm or a leg or even as a paraplegic or quadriplegic. All of these things have the potential to seriously affect appearance, relationships and how to earn a living."

Audio: Insp Paul Sellwood, Serious Collision Investigation Unit

"Everybody knows that if you get behind the wheel of a car whilst impaired you risk a fine, mandatory ban for one or more years or an increase in insurance premiums. At worst you risk losing your job or going to jail. Significantly, there are more frightening consequences to yourself and your family of being involved in a serious collision. You could end up in a wheelchair, kill yourself or someone else."

Alcohol and driving don't mix
Alcohol and driving don't mix

Officers from the Road Policing Unit will work around the clock to remind motorists, particularly younger drivers, that they gamble with their looks and their lives if they drink or take drugs before getting behind the wheel.

They will do stop checks, testing all drivers who appear to be impaired and those involved in a collision.


  • 250 people are arrested every month for drink-driving offences on Kent's roads.
  • Motorists caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be givena mandatory ban, a fine up to £5,000 or a possible prison sentence.
  • Around two people are killed on Kent's roads each week.
  • One in six of those deaths is attributable to someone driving under the influence of drink or drugs.
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