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Young dad's cancer death was 'avoidable'

Peter Cura was told by a doctor his condition was "definitely not" cancer
Peter Cura was told by a doctor his condition was "definitely not" cancer

A YOUNG father who had to make 37 hospital visits before his cancer was diagnosed has died 12 months after making his ordeal public.

Peter Cura, 31, of Bendon Way, Rainham, had been told many times by doctors at Medway Maritime Hospital, during a two-year period, that he had nothing to worry about.

He made 37 visits to the hospital within 18 months and was given the assurances, despite being admitted for several operations.

It wasn’t until a kidney was removed in July 2003, that the disease was diagnosed. He was not offered a CAT scan, which would have identified the disease until he insisted on one, and it was only then, in December 2003, it was found the cancer had spread and could not be treated.

Sarah Harman, lawyer for the family, said: "It is tragic that such a young man with a family should have lost his life in a situation that was avoidable.

"The care provided by Medway Maritime Hospital was far below what he had a right to expect.

"One mistake can be excused, but in Peter’s case, there were a series of lost opportunities when his life could have been saved."

Father-of-two Mr Cura, who was married to Julia, first went to see his GP in April 2002. A hospital appointment was made but he was in such severe pain he was taken to hospital.

Kidney stones were diagnosed but despite operations his condition became worse. He asked the doctor if it was cancer and was told "definitely not".

When his kidney was removed an 8cm tumour was found, but he was still told this was nothing to worry about.

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