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Wesley Shrubsole's angling column: Caution needed with stingray and weever fish caught off the Kent coast

The Summer species have arrived on our shores and we will see some good sport over the coming months.

A word of caution though, regarding some of the fish you might encounter during this time. Stingray is caught on the North Kent coast and can reach sizes of 30kgs but beware the tail!

A stingray caught off the Kent coast in the last few days (35278937)
A stingray caught off the Kent coast in the last few days (35278937)

This fish packs a mighty punch with a barbed tail that can puncture flesh and in extreme circumstances even cause death.

Pictured is a stingray caught last week from our shores.

Also be aware of the weever fish. This odd looking creature can be caught on bait and feathers and if handled without care will inflict a sting so nasty that in some circumstances will need a trip to hospital.

Don’t let this put you off just take care when unhooking either of these species and if you feel unsure just cut the line as near the hook as ifs safe and let the fish go.

It is such a joy to now be able to go out in the countryside or to the beach to wet a line.You just do not know how much you miss something until you cannot do it!

I managed to have a few hours at our local club lake last week in glorious sunshine and with all the trees in leaf and the birdsong the fish were just a bonus.

Many sea anglers have been catching some fine plaice and dab, both very tasty indeed!

Also some very large smoothounds are showing from the North Kent coast.

Please treat this majestic fish with care, take your pictures and get them back as quickly as possible.

Freshwater anglers are enjoying some fine sport with carp and tench very willing to feed. The trout angler will see fish rising to his/her dry fly with this settled weather.

Let us all be mindful that we must be alert to the ongoing pandemic and social distance at all times.Enjoy your times fishing and let us look forward to many many more.

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