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Hangover cure juice makers, from Maidstone, hope to wow consumers

A Maidstone woman, with fruit farming in her blood, has a bold vision to bring a hangover cure juice to the global market.

Emma Baxter, 22, has taken on the task after her father, Clive Baxter, became the only farmer in the country to grow a pear with seemingly-miraculous qualities.

Emma Baxter is hoping to wow the world with her pear juice product
Emma Baxter is hoping to wow the world with her pear juice product

The Piqa Boo is an Asian pear crossed with a European variety and was originally grown in New Zealand.

Research indicates if it is consumed before drinking it reacts to two enzymes in the alcohol.

As a result, it speeds up the metabolism and eliminates the absorption of the alcohol.

The juice, named Nashi Gold, is therefore able to quell the negative effects the next morning.

Miss Baxter said: "I'm one of the people that gets the worst hangovers unfortunately, so I always have a glass before drinking any alcohol, even if I'm not drinking much.

The juice is said to prevent hangovers. Picture: @NashiGoldUK (Instagram)
The juice is said to prevent hangovers. Picture: @NashiGoldUK (Instagram)

"It always prevents my hangovers."

Now, with the juice bottled and ready to go, Miss Baxter intends to make it a success across the country.

The young entrepreneur's life took a turn after completing her geography degree at Newcastle University.

After working in the marketing department for a sustainable clothing company for a year, Miss Baxter realised marketing was her calling.

She said: "I've always been very creative in what I've done, and I'm not the most academic.

Westerhill Farm, where the pears are grown
Westerhill Farm, where the pears are grown

"This project's been so fun for me, I'm just coming up with loads of ideas as to how to market this product."

Arriving back at her dad's Westerhill Farm in Maidstone, she set to work bringing the business's online presence into the 21st century.

She said: "His website was originally so outdated, so I worked with a website specialist to make it a lot more modern."

Miss Baxter hopes the juice will spark the interest of consumers who are looking to take a bite out of their post-alcohol haze.

But she also warned it could only do so much.

"It always prevents my hangovers..."

The budding marketeer said: "One customer said he had a really big night out and drank a litre and a half of vodka, and the next day was feeling a bit worse for wear.

"It can break down key enzymes in the alcohol but only to a certain extent.

"It's not going to be capable of completely eradicating a hangover if you drink an excessive amount like that."

She added: "If you're drinking a normal amount then it definitely helps to prevent a hangover."

To find out more about Nashi Gold juice, click here

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