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Have you seen mysterious lights?

Mysterious lights in the sky have left villagers wondering if they are seeing things.

Rose Teague from Langley, near Maidstone, told the Kent Messenger this week that she saw the lights on September 11.

“As we stood on the doorstep we noticed three sets of lights very low in the sky,” she said.

“They didn’t move or flash and just hung there, quite large and bright. It definitely wasn’t an aircraft; they were far too low.”

But it seems she wasn’t alone in witnessing the strange scene.

Ricky Ballard, from Marden, said he had filmed the lights because they were so out of the ordinary.

“There were 14 lights, of different shapes, in the sky.

"They were there about nine minutes and then they vanished. They were moving really slowly.

"I don’t know what they were, but I don’t think they were aliens.”

Richard Holmes, from Lenham, said he and his wife had also witnessed them at about 10.30pm one night last week.

“Looking across our back garden in roughly a south-westerly directon, we saw a string of orange lights.

"They seemed to appear from the East and drift westward across the sky before vanishing. We counted 13 altogether with 10 visible at the same time.

“They did not appear to be be making any noise and were not very high in the sky. The whole episode lasted about five minutes.”

Charles Taylor, of Romney Place, Maidstone, said he had witnessed the lights before in Norfolk and thought they were made by planes which were able to hover.

“I have been watching this spectacle for years and I have seen it in the skies of Kent, over Tunbridge Wels before. When I was in Norfolk, they were made by naval aircraft.”

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