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Lucky Unicorn Nipples to be stocked by toy store in Vietnam

The entrepreneur behind a bizarre invention has finally found a toy store to stock his Lucky Unicorn Nipples.

Danny Ruxton, the man at the helm of Ruxton Corp, spent a year designing and making the strange good luck charm along with Dutch designer Ritchie Van Daal.

The 32-year-old showed off a pair of the colourful teats in their display case last year for the first time, but Brits may still have to wait some time to get their hands on the nipples.

Danny Ruxton shows off his Lucky Unicorn Nipples

Danny, who lives in Larkfield, said: "Lucky Unicorn Nipples are up and running which is great news, albeit only in Vietnam for the time being.

"This is where I chose to manufacture the nips. The company is called Happy Toys in Ho Chi Minh City."

So far, 5,000 pairs of the nipples, which are activated when you "flick 'em, rub 'em, suck 'em", have been made and will sell for 148,248 Dong - the equivalent of £4.99.

Danny Ruxton with his Lucky Unicorn Nipples
Danny Ruxton with his Lucky Unicorn Nipples

Danny added: "The product is made from plastic, fur, food safe PVC and cost around £2.86 to make.

"That gives me a £10,650 profit which I will use for a bigger media campaign for the UK."

Danny is hoping the success of his magical mammaries will lead him to sales in the UK, but the unicorn appendages are not the last thing he wants to bring to the market.

The inventor's clothing brand Chill Comfy is also on the up.

Danny Ruxton with his Lucky Unicorn Nipples
Danny Ruxton with his Lucky Unicorn Nipples

He said: "I am getting more traction with more celebrities wearing the tees such as Richard Blackwood, Lady Nadia Essex and boxer Christopher Ousley. Robbie Williams has also replied to me with interest and tees are currently on their way to his L.A address."

Danny is also determined to created laser pointer pool cues to train newcomers to the sport as well as the "one fag machine" which would dispense a cigarette for the cost of 50p.

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