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Maidstone United manager Hakan Hayrettin hits out after 3-2 defeat at Dorking Wanderers

Devastated boss Hakan Hayrettin pointed the finger after Maidstone’s injury-time defeat at Dorking.

An emotional Hayrettin was close to tears after 10-man United blew a 2-1 lead in added time on Tuesday night.

Reiss Greenidge is sent off during the second half of Maidstone's 3-2 defeat at Dorking. Picture: Steve Terrell
Reiss Greenidge is sent off during the second half of Maidstone's 3-2 defeat at Dorking. Picture: Steve Terrell

He blamed defender Reiss Greenidge - sent off for a second booking midway through the second half - and substitutes Hady Ghandour and Josh Fawole for mistakes after Dorking stole a 3-2 victory.

It was a third successive National League defeat for Hayrettin’s side who had produced one of their best performances of the season before the late collapse.

“I don’t know what to say, I’m just lost for words really,” said the Stones manager.

“I don’t know why Reiss, when he’s on a yellow card, has made that challenge.

“He’s put his team in jeopardy and the two subs that came on at the end haven’t done their job.

“They know the way I play, they haven’t listened and we’re in this position.

“We were the better team but if you keep conceding goals like that, that’s what’s going to happen.”

Hayrettin is convinced Maidstone would have won with 11 men after goals from Jack Barham and Roarie Deacon saw them come from behind to lead.

But Dorking made them pay as Stones old boy Bobby Joe-Taylor buried two headers in added time, the winner coming in the 96th minute.

“It could have been 3-1 with 11 men,” said Hayrettin.

“He (Greenidge) is answerable for that, isn’t he?

“If you don’t manage the game, that’s what happens. And the two subs that came on have got to do better.

“Hady Ghandour has got the ball. Why are you heading it back?

“You hold it and you turn and you run into areas.

“He’s headed it back up here, we’ve lost it and they’ve gone up the other end and scored. I put him on to do a job - he hasn’t done it.

“Josh Fawole hasn’t picked up who he’s supposed to be picking up in the box and they score.

“Same old story. People not listening.

“I’ve given instructions and they haven’t listened. Do your jobs, we win the game.

Bobby-Joe Taylor scores Dorking's 96th-minute winner. Picture: Steve Terrell
Bobby-Joe Taylor scores Dorking's 96th-minute winner. Picture: Steve Terrell

“I’m talking to myself sometimes when I’m talking to these players.

“It’s fine margins and I don’t want to use certain phrases but you know…”

Hayrettin was on the pitch after Taylor's 92nd-minute equaliser.

It wasn’t initially clear if he was angry with the referee for not stopping play while Maidstone had a man down, as he had earlier done for Dorking.

The Stones boss confirmed that wasn’t the case.

“I’m having a go at Hady Ghandour,” he said. “What are you doing, Hady? Why are you playing the ball back?

“Your team’s 2-1 up with three minutes to go and you want to play it back into a danger area.

“What’s all that about? Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

“We’ve played well but at the end of the day we’ve still lost 3-2.

"We’ve gone down to 10 men. It’s a lack of professionalism from Reiss Greenidge.

“You’re on a yellow card. What are you doing? What on earth are you doing? It doesn’t make sense to me.

“He didn’t need to make the challenge. Usher him out. See him out. Why have you got to go sliding in?

“Why would I sugarcoat things when we let in three goals every game?

“He’s just cost his team three points. That’s what he’s done.

“Why have I got to put a cherry on top and make him feel good about himself? We’re 2-1 up with two or three minutes to go.

“Both subs haven’t done their job and he’s been sent off. Why have I got to sugarcoat it?

“As well as we’ve played, we’ve lost the game.”

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