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Williams brothers who set their dogs on people in Folkestone and burgled homes in Gillingham have been locked up

Two brothers who set vicious dogs on three people in separate incidents, leaving one of them permanently scarred, have been locked up.

Tyler and Brandon Williams launched the random attacks using their Pitbull crosses Lola and Sarge – now condemned to be put down.

Tyler Williams, 28, was jailed for six years and two months for wounding and other offences and Brandon Williams, 19, was sentenced to four-and-a-half years youth custody.

Tyler Williams.
Tyler Williams.

A third brother, Shamen Williams, 25, was jailed for three years for wounding and burglary.

Maidstone Crown Court heard one victim, Christopher Stewart, was standing at a bus stop in Dover Road, Folkestone, at 7.30pm on December 28 2016 when Tyler and Brandon Williams approached with the dogs on leads.

They asked Mr Stewart for money and he replied he only had his bus fare on him.

Shamen Williams
Shamen Williams

Tyler Williams threatened: “Give me your money of I will set the dogs on you.” He released a dog with the order “See him off”.

Brandon Williams did the same with his dog. One of the animals ran at the victim, biting his boot and ripping his jeans and pulling him to the ground. The other jumped on his back and bit him through his jacket and T-shirt.

Mr Stewart had to grab the dogs by their collars to stop them biting his face. They were eventually called off.

Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams

Less than two hours later, the second victim, Richard Norris, and a friend arrived in Stuart Road by taxi.

The two brothers arrived in a car with the dogs, accompanied by a third man with holding a baseball bat.

Mr Norris was struck on the head with the bat and the dogs were launched at him. One dog bit his leg as he tried to kick it off.

He suffered serious bites to his thigh and needed skin grafts, leaving permanent scarring. He was off work for two months as a result.

A violent dog. Stock picture
A violent dog. Stock picture

Tyler Williams was on December 31 2016 at an address in Folkestone where he told his dog Sarge to “get” Lisa Hall. It bit her on the arm, making it bleed.

Tyler Williams, of St Alban’s Close, Gillingham, and Brandon Williams, of Harbour Way, Folkestone, admitted two offences of unlawful wounding.

Former chef Tyler Williams also admitted assault causing actual bodily harm and burgling a home in Capstone Road, Gillingham, on August 8 last year, stealing £50 and vouchers worth £65, and shoplifting.

Brandon and Shamen Williams, of no fixed address, admitted a further burglary. Shamen Williams also admitted unlawful wounding.

All three were handcuffed in the dock when they appeared for sentence.

Judge Charles Macdonald QC said the dogs were used as weapons on the victims in the “wholly unprovoked” attacks. The injuries were of an unusually severe nature, he added.

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