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Driver insists he was not speeding before head-on crash on Luton Road, Chatham

A driver blamed for speeding in a head-on collision in Chatham insists the accident was not his fault as the road is notorious for blind spots.

Two cars were severely damaged in the crash, which happened just before 7:30pm by Haywards Car Sales on Luton Road on Sunday.

The scene of the crash on Luton Road, Chatham Picture: @KentSpecials
The scene of the crash on Luton Road, Chatham Picture: @KentSpecials

Slavomir Syrovatka, who lives on Luton Road, says he was driving along in his red Toyota Aygo when another car pulled out in front of him.

The 32-year-old added: "I was on the main road. I had just two metres in front of me and the car just pulled out from the car park.

"Down the left-hand side there are lots of cars parked and the last one was really big so you couldn't see anything through it. It was impossible to see anybody coming."

After the incident, Twitter account @KentSpecials posted the photo of the aftermath and claimed one driver had been speeding on the stretch.

They said: "One very lucky male that has only come away with a minor head injury - however this is what happens when you go even 10mph over the speed limit - is it worth it?"

But Mr Syrovatka says this was not the case.

He added: "I don't believe I was speeding but even so, at that distance, you don't have a chance of seeing anything or stopping.

"I don't think it's fair people are blaming me when it could have happened to anyone.

"Even if I had been going at 20mph I wouldn't have seen anything coming."

Mr Syrovatka says he tried to check on the other driver after the crash but there was nobody there.

The collision happened on Luton Road in Chatham
The collision happened on Luton Road in Chatham

He said: "When I got out of the car I could see I was bleeding but I went straight to the other car to check if everybody was okay.

"I was surprised there was nobody in the car and there was nobody around. I think the driver lived on the road and took his family straight home.

"Then all of a sudden I saw lots of people running towards me blaming me for the crash and I couldn't believe it.

"Nobody even checked if I was okay."

Mr Syrovatka suffered minor injuries to his head, knees and neck and was taken to a nearby hospital.

He added: "I'm okay, I'm alive, and I'm thankful nothing serious happened.

"I just want people to be aware of the dangers on the road because there are so many blind spots. Luton Road is full of them."

"My car was taken by the police and there's no way it's going to drive again but it definitely wasn't my fault."

The road was closed until both vehicles were recovered.

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