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Calls have been made to Kent County Council for more double yellow lines on Sandown Road, Sandwich.

Calls have been made to extend the double yellow lines on a busy street in Sandwich.

Members of Sandwich Town Council say cars parking in Sandown Road are blocking other vehicles from getting through and are causing a danger to pedestrians.

Cllr Paul Graeme said: “Since the Quay closed down we’ve got more and more parked on Sandown Road. We really need double yellow lines. When cars park there it becomes a one way street and that’s a busy road down to Sandwich Bay.”

Cllr Mark Moorhouse agreed. He said: “That should be our main priority to get double yellow lines and get it sorted out. It’s dangerous and I suggest we write a letter to KCC to that effect.”

Cllr David Wood said: “I didn’t quite realise how bad it was until I was there with my three year old son and he came along the road and a car was coming round that blind bend and it was then I realised what could happen.”

Cllr John Bragg explained that the need for double yellow lines on Sandown Road has been raised before with Kent Highways at a public meeting.

He said: “I looked at Cllr David Brazier and he was laughing and shaking his head and I asked him what the problem was and he said it doesn’t meet any of the criteria of double yellow lines as it has no houses. He wasn’t interested because he doesn’t live here.”

Kent County Council logo
Kent County Council logo

Jamie Watson, traffic schemes manager at Kent County Council said: “We prioritise funding for road safety works, including waiting restrictions, to those locations where there is a pattern of personal injury crashes in the past three years.

“The latest crash figures for Sandown Road, up to the end of February, show no pattern of crashes caused by parked cars.

“On this basis, unfortunately we would not be in a position to consider any works to implement further waiting restrictions in Sandown Road.”

There is still opportunity for the double yellow lines to be extended at the discretion of the Kent County Council Member Highway Fund.

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