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Mum from Sandwich claims surgeon Anita Hazari didn't warn her of tummy tuck scarring before op at Chaucer Hospital, Canterbury

A woman from Sandwich who had a tummy tuck has launched a £50,000 claim for damages, alleging the surgeon did not warn her of possible scarring.

Irene Packham, 47, of Watts Yard, says consultant plastic surgeon Anita Hazari suggested a tummy tuck and abdominal contouring would improve the look of her midriff – and her sex life.

But the mother says she was not properly warned about the risks and later complained about a 7cm scar after the operation.

Library picture. A surgeon
Library picture. A surgeon

Miss Hazari, who conducted the operation at Canterbury’s Chaucer Hospital, claims Ms Packham was given “sufficient information” to decide on surgery.

Ms Packham launched her claim at the High Court on Tuesday, arguing Miss Hazari breached her duty of care by failing to get “informed consent.”

“I couldn’t believe what she had done. It was an absolute shock” - Irene Packham after her tummy tuck

She told the court that a pregnancy resulted in excess skin and stretch marks.

She had become conscious of it whenever she was wearing a bikini.

Ms Packham claimed the surgeon told her any scars would be hidden below the bikini line.

But after the procedure in September, 2009, she was left with a 7cm vertical scar towards her belly button and painful entrapment of a nerve, the court heard.

She said it looked like curtains draping around the scar, adding: “I couldn’t believe what she had done. It was an absolute shock.”

She claimed that when she confronted the surgeon Miss Hazari said: “If you don’t like it sue me. Let my insurers deal with you’.”

Ms Packham added: “It’s been absolutely traumatic.”

Her barrister argued a mini-tummy tuck should have been recommended as this would have addressed Ms Packham’s concerns and reduced the risk of unsightly scars. However, Neil Sheldon, for Miss Hazari, argued that the risks had been made clear and Ms Packham had her mind set on major abdominal surgery.

The size of Ms Packham’s claim has also been questioned, including £20,000 for alleged pain, suffering and loss of amenity and over £30,000 for other losses.

Ms Packham later underwent revision surgery in Australia, and says that her husband, Tony, had to care for her while she recovered.

The case, being heard by Judge Michael Harvey QC, continues.

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