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Minster: Painting by Francesco Pablo de Besperato reunited with daughter

It was by sheer chance that painting by a renowned artist has been reunited with his daughter.

A painting by Francesco Pablo de Besperato was donated to Minster surgery by Alan Razzell, who had owned it for 50 years.

He wanted it to go towards the surgery's fundraising campaign, but it proved difficult to find a buyer for the piece.

Handover of painting between Mr Razzell to Mrs Cousins (1171107)
Handover of painting between Mr Razzell to Mrs Cousins (1171107)

Ken Self, chairman of the patient liaison group, said: "Despite approaching local artist dealers to verify it authenticity and offer it for sale, no one expressed an interest.

"Also, we had it on display at the Minster Art Show, and it took it to a local Antique Road Show.

"Despite various offers, no-one came up to Mr Razzell's expectations and he asked me to persevere with its sale."

After Christmas, the painting was put on display in the surgery's waiting area, along with a description and photo.

Mr Self added: "A couple of weeks ago a patient, Mrs Annastazia Cousins, came into the surgery for a routine appointment, took one look at the painting, and the associated description and photographs and shouted 'That's me in the photo, I'm his daughter."

"I was called immediately and had a long and emotional conversation with Mrs Cousins, who told me she lost her father when she was 11-years-old, moved away and lost contact with her family."

Donation by Mr Razzell to the surgery (1171100)
Donation by Mr Razzell to the surgery (1171100)

At a meeting with Mr Razzell and Mr Self, Mrs Cousins brought in several old family photos and treasures, and was delighted to be reunited with the painting.

Mrs Cousins said: "I can remember my father painting it when I was a little girl.

"I grew up in Thanet, and my dad came here as a refugee from Czechoslovakia.

"I am chuffed to have it and I'm glad the money has gone to the surgery.

"I'd like it to be displayed in the Turner Contemporary but that's something I need to look into once I get it cleaned up."

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