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Cat drags itself home with bullet in spine

Head nurse Julie Westwood with Kitts's X-ray
Head nurse Julie Westwood with Kitts's X-ray

Head nurse Julie Westwood with Kitts's X-ray showing the pellet lodged by her spine

by Nick Evans

Youngsters with an airgun are being blamed for shooting and partially paralysing a cat.

Eight-year-old Kitts was discovered in the Camden Road area of Broadstairs after trying to drag herself home, and has since spent nearly three weeks recuperating from her ordeal at a vet’s surgery in Ramsgate.

In a delicate operation, vets at Plunkett’s practice in the High Street removed the metal pellet which had compressed against Kitts’ spinal cord, causing her to lose the use of her back legs.

Vet nurse Emma Collins with Kitts
Vet nurse Emma Collins with Kitts

Head nurse Julie Westwood said: "It’s very sad that something like this should happen to a cat. Mercifully, this kind of incident is relatively rare, but seabirds are a more common target.

"Kitts is responding well to our care.

"Hopefully she will regain the function of her back legs, but only time will tell.

"We have been giving her pain relieving patches and medication as well as physiotherapy three to four times a day. All being well she can go home in a few days time.

"This incident is an example of what terrible damage airguns can do to animals. We would urge parents to keep a closer eye on what their children get up to."

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