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Margate: Grandson robbed grandfather's partner

A Thanet man attacked and robbed the long-term partner of his late grandfather after accusing her of stealing his inheritance.

Vile Matthew Foster snatched a necklace and ring after threatening to break his terrified victim’s fingers “one at a time”.

Matthew Foster Picture: Kent Police
Matthew Foster Picture: Kent Police

But Canterbury Crown Court heard how the 27-year-old, from Addington Road, Margate carried out the robbery while serving a suspended sentence for attacking his mother.

Now Foster has been jailed for three years and two months after admitting robbery and putting someone in fear of violence.

“If you don’t hand the (ring and necklace) over you will get your fingers broken one by one by my gypsy family."

Prosecuting Simon Taylor told the court: “Foster harassed and robbed his late grandfather’s partner, Caroline Dorset.

“In October 2016, the grandfather John Foster passed away, leaving his estate to Ms Dorset subject to the condition that if she sold the flat £5,000 would each go to two grandchildren.”

In May this year, Foster sent Ms Dorset an email demanding to know why he was only getting £5,000 and threatening to take all his grandfather’s belongings.

He texted her: “Why has me and my sister only got £5,000? We are coming over to get into the flat. You stole my and my sister’s money.

“At the end of the day my family are gypsies and not to be messed with, you are small fry. You really are a stupid fat cow!”

In June he sent another message: “If you don’t hand the (ring and necklace) over you will get your fingers broken one by one by my gypsy family. Do you think I am nothing? Well you are in for the shock of your life!”

Mr Taylor told how two days later in June, Foster arrived at Ms Dorset’s flat in Broadstairs, screamed at her “You’re a thieving cow”, and raised his fist before ripping a necklace and ring from her neck.

The case was heard at Canterbury Court
The case was heard at Canterbury Court

“She grabbed him and he dragged her down the stairs before fleeing the scene still holding the stolen items,“ he added.

Judge Rupert Lowe told him: “Ms Dorset had been a carer for Mr Foster’s wife and some months after her death formed a relationship with Mr Foster.

“That was something which she and Mr Foster were entitled to do and is not unusual and was a nine-year relationship.

“You became subject to probably a totally unjustified sense of injustice and expressed that against a totally innocent woman of mature years, making threats of violence of a most disgraceful nature.”

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