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Margate’s Lucia Keskin on her BBC show Things You Should Have Done and failing her GCSEs at Dane Court Grammar School

When Lucia Keskin collected her GCSE results from Dane Court Grammar School in Broadstairs, her prospects did not look promising.

Her mum asked how she was ever going to get a job with just a solitary C grade in statistics.

Lucia revealing her disappointing GCSE results on YouTube aged 16. Picture: Chi with a C/YouTube
Lucia revealing her disappointing GCSE results on YouTube aged 16. Picture: Chi with a C/YouTube

But tonight, Lucia’s very own comedy show ‘Things You Should Have Done’, which she stars in and wrote, will air on BBC Three.

So how in less than seven years has she managed to go from failing at school to finding TV fame?

Perhaps the answer can be found in the fact that she filmed the moment she opened her results for one of her first-ever YouTube videos.

Since then Lucia, now 23, has become a social media sensation thanks to her unique comedy clips - with 474,000 subscribers on YouTube, 540,000 followers on TikTok and 118,000 more on Instagram.

She’s not the first person from Kent to find success through these avenues. Fitness vlogger Matt Morsia from Hythe now stars as Legend on the new series of Gladiators, while Dover funnyman Arron Crascall has millions of followers and has featured on shows such as Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Lucia Keskin stars as Chi in new BBC Three show Things You Should Have Done. Picture: BBC
Lucia Keskin stars as Chi in new BBC Three show Things You Should Have Done. Picture: BBC

Lucia, known to her fans as ‘Chi With A C’, spoke to KentOnline this week about growing up in Margate, leaving school at 16, filming her new show in Thanet and rubbing shoulders with fellow comedy stars in London.

Reflecting on her time at Dane Court, she said: “I just wasn't a school person. I just hated school - nothing against that school though.

“I was terrible at having to go somewhere every day where I just felt like I didn't need it. I did not want to know about maths and Shakespeare and stuff like that. I just wanted to be Kylie Minogue.

“I was really depressed going to school so I just wouldn't go, and then realised, ‘Oh, I probably won't get any GCSEs then’, and I didn't.

“It's crazy, because even like my mum would be like, ‘I don't know how you're going to get a job. What are you going to do?’”

She says that now she is “so grateful that I can actually work”.

While clearly not considering herself the academic type, Lucia says she knew from a very young age she wanted to do performing, acting or comedy - even though she had to overcome her shyness.

Her creativity and editing skills are evident in that early YouTube video revealing her GCSE results. But she says it was not till the Covid lockdowns that she saw a huge increase in followers.

Some of her most successful content - viewed millions of times on TikTok - is her deadpan reimaginings of company board meetings, such as the moment Poundland bosses decided to start charging over £1 for items.

Her mockups of the Friends pilot (with 1.7 million views) and American Horror Story episodes won her plaudits too, with actress Sarah Paulson agreeing with calls for Lucia to be given her own Netflix show.

Lucia poses with dog Pia. Picture: @chiwithac/Instagram
Lucia poses with dog Pia. Picture: @chiwithac/Instagram

Lucia said: “I think people probably didn't start really watching until lockdown – I think that was when it kind of hit off.

“The older I get, the more I don’t really care about anything anymore.

“I feel so old in myself like I can’t physically get older – I feel about 80. I’ve kind of just grown out of the shyness luckily.”

She says social media has “helped massively” with gaining confidence, as well as studying musical theatre at college in Canterbury.

“I've always been so terrified of being on stage, so I think forcing myself and getting used to performing on stage really helps just with confidence in general,” Lucia said.

Lucia as Chi in her new BBC show. Picture: BBC
Lucia as Chi in her new BBC show. Picture: BBC

She was signed by an agent during the pandemic and got credits as a writer on The Emily Atack show as well as acting in Dave series Sneakerhead.

“I then just had some meetings with production companies, started writing scripts, and then really kind of clicked with RoughCut productions,” Lucia said.

“We just kept coming up with random ideas and somehow the BBC seemed to like one of them.”

Things You Should Have Done is the first time Lucia has written and starred in a production.

The show follows her character, workshy layabout Chi, as she tackles life and its obstacles following the death of her parents.

Lucia Keskin with comedy star Diane Morgan
Lucia Keskin with comedy star Diane Morgan

“Chi’s mum and dad do everything for her, and then they just die in a car crash and she's basically just left to do everything with zero experience in life,” said Lucia.

“It's a really weird time for me. Some days I feel really nervous and then obviously excited, but just really stressed out wondering how it’ll go down.

“We only did two days in London, the rest was all filmed in Thanet - both I and the production company were really keen to put something somewhere else.

“It was quite funny - just seeing people on the street not knowing what was going on.

“You’d get people on the local Facebook group trying to guess things that were going on.

Katy Wix and Lucia, who met on the set of Channel 4 show Big Boys
Katy Wix and Lucia, who met on the set of Channel 4 show Big Boys

“People would be like, ‘Yeah, no, it's definitely Killing Eve Series 4’ which is hilarious – I think people were excited.

“It’s about getting people noticed in small areas. Hopefully people will watch it and take more notice of Thanet.”

Prospects for those living in Thanet can often be underwhelming, with the district the most deprived in Kent.

But Lucia says thanks to the ever-increasing diversity in the entertainment industry, there hasn’t been any snobbery towards the place she grew up.

“I think in terms of people's views, luckily a lot of people you meet are from all over the place,” she said.

Things You Should Have Done airs on BBC Three tonight. Picture: BBC
Things You Should Have Done airs on BBC Three tonight. Picture: BBC

“I think the fact that I've been able to do things online massively helps, because I mean, there's not much down in Thanet in terms of comedy.”

It’s only recently Lucia has decided to leave the district – moving to London in November in the hopes of boosting her career.

Counting Taskmaster star Munya Chawawa and Not Going Out and Ghosts actress Katy Wix as friends, life in the capital is going well.

“It’s not too scary because I know I can go back [to Thanet] whenever I want,” Lucia said.

“I do miss it, of course. I have times when I really want to go back but yeah, it's just been so much more beneficial work-wise moving up here.

“My favourite place is probably Broadstairs because it's just pretty, I really kind of love that.

“I think the beach is the best in that area too.”

As for Lucia’s future plans, it remains to be seen whether or not a second season will be commissioned – though she hopes to bring TV crews back down to Thanet again soon.

“I don't know if we're getting another series. That's something we have to wait and see,” she said.

“But I love filming down there and everyone in the cast loved it and the crew.”

Things You Should Have Done is on BBC Three and iPlayer from 9pm tonight

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