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Meet The Ukippers - former Ukip councillor Rozanne Duncan comments revealed in full

The full extent of a former Ukip councillor's 'jaw-dropping' comments on race has been revealed ahead of a BBC documentary due to be screened tonight.

The BBC 2 programme “Meet The Ukippers” led to the party expelling councillor Rozanne Duncan for racist comments she made during the making of the show.

The KM Group revealed how Cllr Duncan was captured making the remarks and subsequently kicked out of the party. She now represents Cliftonville East as an Independent.

Rozanne Duncan
Rozanne Duncan

A trailer for the show includes a clip of Cllr Duncan denying that her comments were racist.

In the documentary, Cllr Duncan says she 'doesn't like Negroes because of how they look.'

She adds: "I don’t know why. I don’t know whether there is something in my psyche, whether it is karma from a previous life, whether something happened to me as a very young person and I have drawn a veil over it because that sometimes happens, doesn’t it?

"But I really do have a problem with people with Negro features, I really do."

Former Ukip councillor Rozanne Duncan on the BBC2 documentary
Former Ukip councillor Rozanne Duncan on the BBC2 documentary

The councillor goes on to claim she is not racist, adding: "The only people I do have problems with are Negroes. I don’t know why. I’d like to go to someone and them give me a regression, perhaps I might find out.

"A friend of mine said, ‘What would you do if I invited you to dinner and put you next to one?’ I said, ‘I wouldn’t be there, simple as that."

Nigel Farage's Ukip party expelled Rozanne Duncan
Nigel Farage's Ukip party expelled Rozanne Duncan

Cllr Duncan said she felt betrayed after being expelled by Ukip and denied she was racist.

The documentary will also show one Ukip councillor’s frustration at the attention given to his brief membership of the National Front.

County councillor Martyn Heale is filmed saying: “I was a member of the Conservative party for 22 years, a member of National Front for one year - why don’t they just get over it?”

The BBC trailer for tonight's show

According to the makers, the 50-minute show is “an unprecedented insight into the heartland of UKIP that follows the party faithful as they ride high in the polls and try - but fail - to avoid the gaffes the media are looking for.”

The programme was filmed over six months and focuses on activists as they campaign and work towards Nigel Farage’s campaign to become MP for Thanet South.

The BBC says the programme is "a timely film about the local party activists who stand firmly behind him rather than the media-savvy leader himself."

"Filmed over six months, these true believers explain the UKIP phenomena, but there are also jaw-dropping views on race the national party would definitely prefer weren’t aired.”

The show goes out tonight on BBC 2 at 10pm.

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