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Man's bike run over by lorry at Ramsgate live animal export protest

Dramatic footage captures the shocking moment a man's bike is crushed after he cycles out in front of a lorry during a protest against live exports.

About 40 animal rights campaigners gathered at Nethercourt roundabout in Ramsgate just before 7am today.

The man was cycling slowly in front of the lorries - said to be carrying a total of 1,500 live sheep and calves - when his bike was run over and crumpled.

The cyclist appears to only just make it off in time. Campaigner Claire Folan, from Thanet, managed to film the incident.

She said: "I think the thought that went through my head was, 'am I going to see someone die today?'

"I honestly believe it's only a matter of time - someone will die at that port."

Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE) publishes calls to action through its Facebook page, when live animal exports are due to take place.

"The disregard for life extends to humans too with these ruthless exporters..." Claire Folan

Ms Folan, 34, explained that protestors intercept the livestock-carrying lorries and stop them so they can carry out two minutes of protest, pre-arranged with the police.

The group also takes photographs of the conditions in which animals are being transported - passing these on to the police or Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs if necessary.

"KAALE believes there should be shorter journey times and better conditions for animals," said Ms Folan. "Whereas I think animals shouldn't be used at all for their flesh, or for their skin to be tested on. We should just leave them be.

"Having been previously down at the front with the lorries, trying to slow them and almost getting hit myself, I've more recently started standing back to film.

"I'm very glad I was in a position to show what happened today. The disregard for life extends to humans too with these ruthless exporters."

The cyclist moments before his bike was run over. Pic: Claire Folan
The cyclist moments before his bike was run over. Pic: Claire Folan

Mr Folan says she feels police officers should step in - stopping lorries and encouraging them to slow down before reaching the protestors, to reduce the risk.

"You really can't get to grips with how fast and terrifying these lorries are coming down to that roundabout," she said. "They know there will be protestors in the road and they still hurtle.

"We slow down the lorries, then several people will sit at the front - they will chant and we can take photos of the animals and vehicles.

"There are lots of police there, but the police allow people to be in the road - there's no intervention to prevent someone from getting hit by a vehicle.

"If there's anything that comes out of this particular incident, I hope it's that the police review their system and start stopping lorries and inching them forward slowly."

Police have confirmed they are investigating today's incident.

A spokesman said: "Kent Police will respond to protest to prevent crime and disorder and allow businesses to go about their lawful trade.

"Officers seek to strike a balance between the rights of protesters and the rights of the lawful commercial trade.

"It was reported that a collision involving a bicycle and a lorry occurred at the port of Ramsgate at about 6.45am.

"No serious injuries were reported and officers are investigating the circumstances.

"Officers respond to every incident appropriately and proportionately to ensure public safety."

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