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Review: Screamland 2016 at Dreamland in Margate

The advertising says it is ‘all the fun of the scare’. Screamland has returned for a second year after its debut in 2015.

This time there are five scare mazes kitted out with professional actors and unbelievable special effects which make the experience even more intense.

One of the mazes, Festino’s Forgotten Funhouse – King of Clowns, is set around a barn in which you have to get away from the cannibal clown and his hoard of carnivorous cohorts.

Armand from the Final Cut at Dreamland's Screamland
Armand from the Final Cut at Dreamland's Screamland

When you reach the end, and before you’re let out of your caged enclosure, you hear the ringing of chainsaws, lights are turned on to reveal a were rabbit attempting to swipe your head clean off.

It is enough to get any sane person’s pulse racing.

Once normality has resumed it is over to the brand-new feature of the Halloween extravaganza, The Paradise Foundation.

Meet Bloody Mary at Screamland this Halloween
Meet Bloody Mary at Screamland this Halloween

Easy to follow and expertly choreographed the actors take you through every stage of the show right until you reach Doctor Prometheus so he, and his assistants, can make “a better version of you”.

But all is not as it seems as you watch him get to work on an unsuspecting visitor and are quickly left searching for the nearest exit.

Dead & Breakfast, which was my favourite, sees you checking in for an overnight stay at Better Days Guest House.

This year's Screamland will set your pulse racing
This year's Screamland will set your pulse racing

As the owner Fag Ash Lil opens her door to you, the cracks begin to present themselves and you wonder if a Premier Inn was not your best option after all.

You are taken on a grand tour through to your room where there are some nasty surprises waiting and then it is off to the kitchen to get your dinner.

That is until you realise the chef is a cleaver wielding maniac who wants to put you in tomorrow’s spag bol.

Screamland: All the fun of the scare
Screamland: All the fun of the scare

Even more intense is the Horrorwood Picture House.

If you’re claustrophobic then this one is not for you.

This attraction takes you from one movie genre to another making you more and more (and more) frightened as you go.

Science fiction characters who want to kill you, a Frankenstein who is less than happy to see you and who can forget the popcorn vendor as he bursts out of his kiosk with some treats you might not want to go for.

Finally, take your seat for the Bloody Mirror as you are taken on a mysterious journey on the Phantom Express, an unsettling train ride that will deliver you to a mist-clad netherworld of mirrors and madness.

Journey towards an inevitable encounter with Bloody Mary herself, as you gaze into the Bloody Mirror for a trial with a twist.

I thought this was a great evening to be had after nearly a year in the planning you can tell a lot of work has gone into the set up.

The excitement is not only in the mazes, you will have a spooky experience all the time you are in the grounds as characters approach you with all the sinister dress the Halloween season brings.

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