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Protesters attack Ukip immigration poster - with welcome mats

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Another election poster has been defaced by protesters attacking Ukip's policy on immigration.

The poster, believed to be in Ramsgate, was put up by Ukip attacking the Tories' immigration policies.

It showed the white cliffs of Dover, with escalators going up from the beach to the top of the cliffs.

The 'defaced' Ukip poster spotted in Ramsgate
The 'defaced' Ukip poster spotted in Ramsgate

The words said "immigration is three times higher than the Tories promised".

But someone has added their own take on the poster, by bolting welcome mats at the bottom of the poster.

The act was the latest in a series of posters "altered" by protesters.

A Hitler-style moustache was drawn on several posters for Tory Gordon Henderson in Sheerness.

Meanwhile a poster of Ukip leader Nigel Farage was also given a Hitler moustache.

The vandals then added a line referring to a comment made by Moe from The Simpsons during an episode in which Springfield's mayor blames high taxes on "illegal immigrants" to a protesting mob over raising taxes to create a 'bear patrol' following a series of bear attacks on the town.

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