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Adoptive mum of double-amputee Tony Hudgell, known as Bear, discovers convicted child abuser Jody Simpson has applied for day release

The monster Maidstone 'mum' who abused her baby son Tony Hudgell so badly that he was left at death's door and had to have both legs amputated has applied for day release.

The now seven-year-old's adopted mother Paula, who has been campaigning for tougher punishment of child abusers, said she was angry and frustrated to learn evil Jody Simpson had been moved to an open prison less than four years since she was sentenced.

Paula Hudgell says she was devastated to hear Simpson had applied for day release

Simpson, now in her late 20s, and her vile middle-aged partner Anthony Smith were each given 10 years in prison for the systematic abuse of defenceless Tony when he was just six weeks old.

Such were the injuries inflicted on him, Tony suffered multiple organ failure and septicaemia which left him fighting for his life at a mere 41 days old.

A tearful jury of seven women and five men took less than an hour to return unanimous verdicts on the wicked pair who were jailed at Maidstone Crown Court in February 2018.

The couple, who moved from their squalid flat in Sunningdale Court, Square Hill Road, Maidstone to Whitstable, remained impassive as they were convicted. But now Simpson has applied for day release and could be free as early as August.

Jody Simpson has applied for early release
Jody Simpson has applied for early release

In a tweet, Tony's adoptive mother Paula, from Kings Hill, West Malling, said she was proud of his achievements, broken-hearted at his continued pain and angered by the application.

Paula, 54, and her husband Mark, 57, applied to adopt Tony - nicknamed Bear - after caring for him as foster parents.

The brave youngster has since continued to thrive, battling through life-changing injuries to become a charity campaigner.

He has won the hearts of the nation, politicians and royalty with his determined spirit and strength.

But the family now face the prospect of seeing the woman responsible for such heinous crimes back on the streets.

Tony Hudgell, from Kings Hill, achieved a 10k walking challenge in 2020
Tony Hudgell, from Kings Hill, achieved a 10k walking challenge in 2020
MP Ton Tugendhat with Tony and his mum Paula
MP Ton Tugendhat with Tony and his mum Paula

Paula said the news of Simpson’s application ‘makes a mockery of the justice system.’

“Obviously Jodie feels no remorse or realises the enormity of her actions.

“It seems the perpetrators get all the privileges and the poor victim has lifelong injuries.”

Thousands backed the family's campaign calling for 'Tony's Law' which would see child abusers put behind bars for longer than the maximum 10 years permitted at the time.

MP Tom Tugendhat took up the cause and the government has agreed to increase the maximum sentence for causing or allowing the death of a child to life imprisonment.

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