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Volunteers needed for Eastry Speed Watch scheme

Volunteers are needed to take part in a Speed Watch scheme in Eastry to stop motorists tearing through the village.

The parish council is hoping to set up the project and needs at least six volunteers for two teams of three.

The programme will start at three main roads leading into the village which have been identified as speeding hotspots: these are Gore Lane, Lower Street and Sandwich Road – all of which have a 30mph speed limit.

Volunteers needed for a speed watch scheme in Eastry
Volunteers needed for a speed watch scheme in Eastry

Parish council clerk, Sarah Wells said: “It’s people speeding in and speeding out as well. They don’t slow down until they get to parked cars but then they’re already inside the speed limit at that point. It will be an education and a gentle reminder that you’re still in the village so slow down.”

Speed Watch practitioners monitor the speeds of passing vehicles using a portable speed indication device (SID). They record and report the speed and identify details of vehicles travelling at or above the limit.

Mrs Wells said: “People complain about it but it’s actually getting those that will help to do something about it.”

Volunteers will only need to give a few hours of their time each month and if enough people join-up, the hope is the scheme will be able to take place once or twice a week.

The scheme aims to act as a deterrent and encourage motorists to check their speed.

It is supported by Kent Police and volunteers will undertake safety awareness training and operate at risk-assessed sites.

Speed watches do not directly result in prosecutions or penalties but letters of advice are sent to registered owners of speeding vehicles. Repeat offenders may have their letters hand-delivered by a uniformed officer.

Mrs Wells also explained that if one area is shown to be a serious issue then police may step-up patrols there.

Once the scheme is underway it may also branch out to other roads in the village.

If you would like to be involved contact Eastry Parish Council on 01304 614320.

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