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General Election 2019: This is who you can vote for in South Thanet


Now that election campaigns have officially kicked off, parties have chosen the candidates who will stand for each constituency.

Here is who you can vote for in South Thaneton December 12.



Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt
Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt

My family lives in South Thanet, and we’ve seen how our local services have been run down under the Conservatives.

For years, I’ve campaigned with Save Our NHS in Kent to keep our hospital stroke unit open and protect vital services like A&E and maternity. Labour will invest £40 billion in hospitals, GPs and mental health services. We’ll restore the nursing bursary and abolish prescription and hospital parking charges.

I’ve condemned the Conservatives’ closure of Wayfarers, the only care home in Sandwich. Labour’s National Care Service will invest £10.8 billion in social care provision and provide free personal care to over 65s.

I’m a champion of Labour’s National Education Service, which will provide free childcare, early years programmes, education and training for all ages and abilities.

I’ll make sure that South Thanet is at the forefront of Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution, which will bring jobs and apprenticeships to our area.


Craig Mackinlay
Craig Mackinlay

Serving you locally and in Westminster since 2015 has been a great privilege. The ongoing Brexit saga has foisted another unexpected election upon us but this election is essential as Parliament had simply ground to a halt without a government majority. I need your support for a third time to continue to represent our great constituency of South Thanet.

I have many priorities such as securing a long-term solution to the issue of Ramsgate Port. We need to roll back the threat of the county lines drugs trade which is in danger of taking root in Thanet. I promise to fight further for national grants for regeneration. And we also need to Get Brexit Done by backing Boris’ new deal.

Don’t forget what is at stake. A new Prime Minister committed to delivering Brexit with an exciting domestic agenda versus a hard-left Marxist who would plunge our economy and politics back to the dark days of the 1970s.


Martyn Pennington
Martyn Pennington

I’m standing for the Liberal Democrats because Thanet can’t suffer more Conservative governments. They forgot the ‘just about coping’ and left us to fend for ourselves. They are torn apart by their own policies. Things can only get worse under the Tories. Labour offer us a leadership of 1000 voices where everything is on the back burner. They don’t care about small

firms, or about the nation’s security, or about encouraging our youngsters to achieve their best.

Liberal Democrats will provide clear leadership- we are never afraid to say what we believe. We always said Brexit wouldn’t be easy, and that we’d be better off in the EU. We’ll help Thanet’s youngsters to get some hope back, some aspiration. We’d do practical things to sustain our environment. We’d save the NHS with a ringfenced 1p on income tax. We’d provide affordable housing for local families. Sensible decisions to help ordinary people.


Becky Wing
Becky Wing

I’ve lived in Ramsgate since 2010. I work with Charlton Athletic Community Trust supporting young people across Thanet.

As a working-class child I accessed free education to become a teacher, so I have a passion for education & training: it empowers & improves life chances. Action on climate change can massively ramp up training opportunities in Thanet and create high quality jobs.

I believe some of the most valuable experience I have comes through working as a volunteer in my community. I lead on the organising of the largest Street Fair in Thanet, which focuses on bringing people together.

In May I was elected as one of three new Green Councillors in Thanet, and I feel I’m making a difference both to individual residents, communities and the area as a whole.

I’m not afraid of a challenge and have the skills, energy and commitment to help drive change in South Thanet.

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