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People in Kent encouraged to buy local food and drink with Change One Thing campaign from Produced in Kent

People in Kent are being challenged to change one thing about how they buy their food and drink as part of a campaign fighting food waste and boosting the county's economy.

Many of us have been buying more local produce since the pandemic started, and, buoyed by this change, Produced in Kent hopes to encourage people to continue with their changed habits with their Change One Thing campaign.

Produced in Kent's Change One Thing campaign
Produced in Kent's Change One Thing campaign

The organisation that supports and promotes local independent food and drink businesses will be sharing helpful tips and advice over the coming weeks on how to buy and eat smarter for simple changes that can have a much-needed positive impact on the local independent food and drink industry as well as the environment.

Chief executive Floortje Hoette said most people are more likely to change one thing at a time, hence launching the Change One Thing campaign.

“Produced in Kent wants residents of the county to look at how they can change the way they shop and the way they handle and consume food," she said. "Make a change, practise it 10 times and that change becomes a habit, you don’t even think about it any more.”

She added: "It is through thousands of small changes that a bigger environmental impact will be seen. If everyone commits to Change One Thing this will hugely benefit the county, its beautiful countryside, and its residents.”

Tips include buying seasonal produce and adjusting your weekly meals to feature seasonal fruits and vegetables which can reduce your food bill.

Floortje Hoette, chief executive of Produced in Kent
Floortje Hoette, chief executive of Produced in Kent

Others include:

* Shop Local for Life - If Kent residents spend £10 a week on local produce and products, it could put £415 million back into the local economy each year. Why not go to your local farm shop; order your fruit and veg from the local greengrocers, or have your milk delivered from your local dairy.

* Buy and eat smarter - UK households waste 6.5 million tonnes of food every year of which 4.5 million tonnes are still edible. That is enough to fill 38 million wheelie bins. By buying only what you need, making sure to eat what is about to expire first and cooking the right portions you can reduce this waste - and watch your waistline, too.

* Love Your Leftovers - Did you know a family of four can save £60 a month simply by throwing less food away?[2] Strive to use all the food that you cook. Whether you warm it up and eat it the next day, freeze some or give some to a friend or neighbour (safely of course). Make sure you compost your food scraps or use the council food bin if you can’t.

If you're taking part in Change One Thing share it with Produced in Kent on social media @ProducedinKent.

Visit the website here for more ideas.

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