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Clinic Sese in Margate is redefining aesthetics, wellness and women's health

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Clinic Sese, situated within The Spencer Private Hospital in Margate, is renowned for its comprehensive approach to aesthetic medicine, wellbeing, weight loss and women's health.

The clinic prides itself on offering a wide range of advanced treatments tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. From facial sculpting to body contouring, weight loss solutions to hormonal balance, a diverse spectrum of services are covered, aimed at enhancing both appearance and wellbeing. At Sese, it is all about how the treatments make you feel.


At the helm of Clinic Sese is Medical Director Piroska Cavell. With a master’s degree in cosmetic medicine, a postgraduate diploma in obesity and weight management, and an extensive background in beauty therapy prior to midwifery, Piroska ends a wealth of expertise to the practice. She crafts personalised treatment plans that address the physical and emotional aspects of beauty and wellness, ensuring individualised care for every client.

“Sese” is the Latin for self – yourself, himself, herself, ourselves. At Clinic Sese, the ethos is that, whichever self you are, you deserve the best self-care. Piroska actively promotes inclusivity and champions the idea that everyone has the right to uncover their unique version of beauty and confidence.


By embracing the philosophy of each self being unique, the clinic aims to challenge and reform the existing standards of beauty and wellness in the aesthetic industry, including the stigma surrounding aesthetic treatments as being shallow or unnecessary. The focus is on skilfull natural looking rejuvenation and enhancement.

Piroska not only offers well-known aesthetic treatments for anti-ageing and rejuvenation, but also specialises in treatments for those who are suffering from changes to their face following illness such as stroke, treatments for cancer or post-surgery or injury.


Clinic Sese’s extensive array of treatments encompasses options for ‘Your Face’, ‘Your Body’, ‘Your Weight’, ‘Your Wellbeing’ and ‘Your Hormones’. Recognising that the path to achieving one's best self is a personal journey, the team is committed to delivering compassionate care and unwavering support at every stage.

Your Face: From dermal fillers to non-surgical facelifts, Clinic Sese offers advanced techniques include the new generation of regenerative aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate and enhance facial features, ensuring natural-looking results and radiant, youthful skin.

Your Body: Experience body contouring and sculpting treatments designed to boost confidence and promote self-esteem. Whether you are targeting specific areas or undergoing a full-body transformation, the clinic uses cutting-edge technologies to achieve personalised transformations.


Your Weight: Clinic Sese provides the opportunity to embark on a transformative weight management journey with personalised programs tailored to individual needs with one-to-one support, focusing on wellness and sustainable results.

Your Wellbeing: Rebalancing the gut microbiome is essential to wellbeing but still a mystery to many. Clinic Sese offers bespoke plans to improve general wellness and skin heath, including vitamin and mineral supplementation to boost your body.

Your Hormones: Restore hormonal balance and vitality with expert treatment tailored to individual needs, addressing symptoms of menopause, and male testosterone deficiency-andropause.

Prospective clients are encouraged to visit the Clinic Sese website at www.clinicsese.com to learn more and schedule a consultation. Alternatively, contact the team by calling 07395046957 or emailing thelobby@clinicsese.com.


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