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The Big Kent Quiz with kmfm's Rob Wills - all the questions and answers


Have you been playing along with our week-long Big Kent Quiz this week?

Each day kmfm's Rob Wills has been asking the questions, and we've been testing you on subjects from General Knowledge to History & Geography, Sport & Leisure and Entertainment - and Food & Drink today.

kmfm's drivetime presenter Rob Wills has been asking the questions
kmfm's drivetime presenter Rob Wills has been asking the questions

To be a winner, you just had to enter your questions every day.

If you'd just like to play just for fun, here are all the questions again. And (no cheating!) the answers are below.


1. Who is Rishi Sunak?

2. What was the name of the Smurfs' evil nemesis?

3. In which London borough is the O2?

4. How many US states are there?

5. In what decade did Bluewater open?

6. What word can go before 'decision', 'personality' and 'second'?

7. Which two countries share the largest land border in the world?

8. How old is the queen?

9. What does BMW stand for in English?

10. See our video by clicking here.


1. What was Justin Beiber's wife's maiden name?

2. How many Harry Potter films were there?

3. How many UK No.1 singles has Britney Spears had?

Britney Spears features in our questions
Britney Spears features in our questions

4. Name the pub in Emmerdale.

5. Which film features the song Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead?

6. Which well known comedian wrote the musical We Will Rock You?

7. Who plays Ian Beale in EastEnders?

8. Garry and Laura host kmfm breakfast, but who is the tallest? (There's a clue on What's On's Twitter account here.)

9. The 2014 movie The Theory of Everything details the life of which British scientist?

10. Watch the video by clicking here.


1. Which team beat England twice at the last FIFA World Cup?

2. What is the first property after Free Parking in the original Monopoly game?

3. From which country does the sports brand Puma originally come from?

4. Whose autobiography was Between The Lines?

5. Who is the PDC darts world champion?

6. How many points did England score against South Africa in the rugby world cup final?

7. Name Super Mario's brother

8. How many balls are used in a game of snooker?

9. In the 1966 World Cup, matches were played at two London venues. Wembley was one, but name was the other.

10. See the video by clicking here.

The 1966 World Cup features in one of our Sport questions
The 1966 World Cup features in one of our Sport questions


1. Which king had his head chopped off in 1649?

2. By size, what is the largest country in the EU?

3. In which year did the Berlin Wall first start to come down?

4. How many time zones are there in the world?

5. Which French port belonged to England between 1347 and 1558?

6. In which country is Timbuktu in?

7. Who was the US president in the year 2000?

8. Name the capital of Australia?

9. Name the winged horse of Greek mythology.

10. See the video by clicking here.

The Big Kent Quiz
The Big Kent Quiz

And here are the answers:


1 The UK chancellor; 2 Gargamel; 3 Greenwich; 4 50; 5 1990s (opened in 1999); 6 Split; 7 USA and Canada; 8 93; 9 Bavarian Motor Works; 10 Antiques Roadshow.


1 Hailey Baldwin; 2 Eight; 3 Six; 4 The Woolpack; 5 Wizard of Oz; 6 Ben Elton; 7 Adam Woodyatt; 8 Garry; 9 Stephen Hawking; 10 Knightrider


1 Belgium; 2 Strand; 3 Germany; 4 Victoria Pendleton; 5 Peter Wright; 6 12; 7 Luigi; 8 22; 9 White City Stadium; 10 A parachutist landed on the pitch.


1 Charles I; 2 France; 3 1989-90; 4 24; 5 Calais; 6 Mali; 7 Bill Clinton; 8 Canberra; 9 Pegasus; 10 Cuba.


1 Chickpeas; 2 Hofmeister; 3 Heston Blumenthal; 4 Dry; 5 Green; 6 A phall; 7 Vodka; 8 465; 9 Houses of Parliament; 10 Cadbury's Dream Bar.

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