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Pop videos filmed in Kent: From The Prodigy to The Beatles and Robbie Williams to Nicki Minaj

The pop video has had plenty of ups and downs over the years.

In the 1980s the more money you could spend, it seemed, the more chance you would get of a slot on Top of the Pops and of creating a buzz on the 20th century's form of social media - good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Ellie Goulding filmed the video for her single River in Dungeness - a popular location for shoots over the years
Ellie Goulding filmed the video for her single River in Dungeness - a popular location for shoots over the years

But while it then took a dip, YouTube and social media has once again seen budgets splurged in a bid to get your song playing around the world.

Just as an indication of the impact they can have, 2017's Despacito, by Luis Fonsi, has chalked up more than 6.6 billion plays on YouTube.

And over the years there have been plenty of big names who have headed to Kent to film the visuals in a bid to boost their latest release.

The following are a mere handful of the acts who filmed in the county - others include the likes of Ellie Goulding in Dungeness, Paloma Faith in Ramsgate, The Saturdays in Whitstable, Emile Sande in Broadstairs and even Dartford's very own rock god, Mick Jagger, on Sheppey (although, admittedly, he doesn't actually make an appearance in it).

The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die (2008)

Granted, the stars of the show - The Prodigy's Keith Flint, Maxim and Liam Howlett - appear in this moody black and white video in a sort of 'blink and you'll miss them' capacity but what you lose in terms of the band, you gain in the form of Noel Clarke - then, and probably still, best known for being Mickey Smith in Doctor Who (he was boyfriend of Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and appeared during the Christopher Eccleston and Neil Tennant eras).

He can be seen in the video strolling over the shingle banks at Dungeness and through the acoustic mirror concrete structures at nearby Denge.

Remain patient and he appears on the opposite side of the county's coastline on the Red Sands sea forts off the coast of Whitstable where The Prodigy's ant symbol is seen daubed on top of one of the war time defences.

The song itself was the lead single from the album of the same name and released as a free download. Despite not being commercially released as a single, it still managed to reach number 49 in the charts.

Robbie Williams - Love My Life (2016)

You have to hand it to Robbie Williams - he knows how to belt out a catchy tune. And Love My Life, his 2016 hit, may not have soared as high as singles in his hey-day - it reached number 22 at Christmas 2016 - but it did showcase a part of Kent almost as much as the star himself.

Filmed in the glamorous surroundings of coastal Leysdown on Sheppey, it features the former Take That star strolling along the coastal path and across the beach, surrounded by women filming him. There may be an ego issue at play here.

Still, it proved such a hit that one fan, desperate to get a glimpse of the star, took her eyes off the road as she drove close to the filming and pranged her car. It did end happily, however, with the star checking she was OK and taking the obligatory photograph together.

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane (1967)

Chances are you may have heard of this popular beat combo.

And if you've heard of them you'll almost certainly know that it was at Sevenoaks' Knole Park the Fab Four shot two of the earliest promotional videos to accompany songs - primarily in order to avoid jetting around the world for the umpteenth time to promote them.

If you like fine moustaches, the sight of Paul McCartney halfway up a tree and the world's most famous band walking in a host of bizarre ways, then Strawberry Fields Forever is for you.

Shot entirely in the park it concludes with a glorious psychedelic moment as the band pour paint on a piano before it, ahem, falls over.

Penny Lane, the single was a double A-side, features scenes primarily filmed in London (and not Liverpool as the song title suggests - apparently the band didn't want to travel up there) and then concludes with the band riding horses through Knole Park before sitting down at a silver dinner service before upending the table. The scamps.

The band also filmed scenes from the Magic Mystery Tour at West Malling airfield - now Kings Hill.

Chas and Dave - Margate (1982)

I defy you not to have this song going around your head for hours after listening to it. Unsurprisingly entirely shot in Margate, the Cockney duo originally penned this song to run alongside a TV ad for Courage Best bitter and then changed the lyrics to create what has become one of their best-loved tunes (and the unofficial theme music for the Thanet resort).

The video itself sees the duo head down to the seaside town on a coach with a motley crew, with footage of them strolling past the arcades, having a paddle in the sea and eating seafood before a right old knees up on the beach.

Margate looks not much different now as to then - but it does give you a chance to see the town in the years before the Turner Contemporary and a glimpse of Dreamland's exterior back in the early 1980s (which, after its recent revamp, doesn't look all that much different to tell the truth).

The song itself reached the heady heights of number 46 in the charts. A re-recorded version was created for the Only Fools and Horses classic episode the Jolly Boys' Outing.

Adam and the Ants - Ant Rap (1981)

Granted, the venue for this glorious slice of 1980s pop isn't strictly in Kent. But we are only talking a couple of miles away, and Adam Ant was one of the great Eighties pop stars, so we're including it here.

Fresh from the success of chart-toppers Stand and Deliver and Prince Charming, Ant Rap was, bizarrely, one of the first rap songs to hit the top 10 - reaching number three.

Filmed on location at Bodiam Castle - a stone's throw from the Kent border with East Sussex - it also stars Lulu as his love interest and sees the Dandy Highwayman dressed in a suit of armour in an odd little flick which also sees him don American football gear and, briefly, becoming Bruce Lee, for reasons probably lost in the mists of time.

Writing in his autobiography, Ant modestly says of the song's release: "Although I wasn't entirely sure about the song, it was easy to believe that anything I released would be a hit at the time."

Critically panned, it's by no means his finest hour, but you can't knock a man for trying his luck at the peak of his fame.

Slaves - Take Control (2016)

If you think modern day punk duo, you don't necessarily think 'tandem ride around Mote Park'. But the tattooed Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent, who make up Slaves, do just that for the title track of their second album.

Shot to look like a VHS tape which has been played once too often, the duo, who hail from Tunbridge Wells, ride around the Maidstone park on a yellow bike with a ghetto blaster (or boombox if you will) strapped to the front.

The song itself has echoes of the Beastie Boys about it - which is probably in part due to the album producer being the seminal rap band's Mike D.

It certainly didn't harm sales - the album for which it was promoting flew into the charts at number six.

Nicki Minaj - Freedom (Warning: Explicit lyrics 2012)

There is probably an unwritten rule somewhere which says if shooting a pop video at Dungeness, do so in black and white. Which brings us to Ms Minaj and her 'not safe for listening to at work' single (due to some rather fruity language) which was filmed in 2012.

Rather following in the footsteps of The Prodigy's effort, she heads from the shingle to Denge for some moody shots in front of those impressive acoustic mirrors before the black and white lifts for a bit of good old colour as the song nears its conclusion.

There is no denying Dungeness does rather lend itself to video shoots with its ramshackle huts, shingle shore and boats. And if you watch carefully you can also spot the lighthouse in the promo clip too.

The song itself climbed all the way to number 107 in the charts (yes, that's one hundred and seven).

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